#10 5’7” 2018 Ajzahn Kea of Village Christian (Fayetteville, NC)
Kea is skilled and tough minded. He was not afraid to take the big shot and he mixed it up against guys older and taller. Kea’s camp coach Coach Prescott stated, “Ajzah is an excellent shooter. He has the heart of a lion. Was the smallest thing on every court he walked on but he exuded heart.”

#27 5’9” 2017 Aaron Stewart of West Carteret High School (Newport, NC)
Stewart has a solid handle and a good IQ playing off the ball. He has deep confident range and can really get hot and light up a score board. Stewart’s camp coach Coach Prescott stated, “I call Aaron Pistol Pete. He had one game of 9 three’s in a row. His guns were truly out.”

#51 5’11” 2018 Maliek Wilcox of South Pointe High School (Rock Hill, SC)
Wilcox relished the ability to play as a true point guard. He led his team, with a good handle, nice court vision, and confidence. He was a coach on the floor. “Wilcox’s camp coach Coach Prescott stated, “Maliek is a true point guard. He will be a leader for his high school team. I loved his attitude on the court.”

#63 6’ 2016 Jaylen Gore of Northwest Guilford (Greensboro, NC)
Gore is a very quick point guard, he has quickness getting into the lane and toughness once he is there. Gore has good vision and is a very tough on ball defender in both the open and half court setting. Gore’s camp coach Coach Prescott stated,“Jaylen’s court vision and heart are so unbelievable. If you only get one word to describe this young man it’s “leader”.” College coaches at the appropriate level need to get in and watch this unsigned senior play quickly.

#79 6’ 2018 Vaud Worthy of North Mecklenburg High School (Huntersville, NC)
Worthy has a good attitude and gave great effort throughout camp. He is a strong, and well-built guard who has quick feet and a confident handle. Worthy’s camp coach Coach Prescott stated, “Vaud has excellent footwork and does very well in transition defense. He should be a front runner for his high school team.” Place Vaud in your SIM Card.

#71 6’ 2019 Bennett Newman of Fayetteville Christian (Fayetteville, NC)
Newman played with great poise and coachability. He showed a great attitude and a high basketball IQ with his ability to shoot and quick release. Newman’s camp coach Coach Prescott stated, “Bennett is a well-rounded player. His attitude was out of this world, I truly called him the silent killer.”

#132 6’3” 2017 Jake Furrow of Cave Spring High School (Roanoke, Va)
Furrow has a great knowledge of the game and plays very fundamentally sounds. He shoots the ball with great form and range, he passes the ball well, and he is vocal on defense. Furrow’s camp coach Coach Prescott stated, “Jake’s basketball IQ is off the charts. I loved his quickness and footwork.”

#148 6’3” 2017 Matthew Yager of Trinity Academy (Durham, NC)
Yager came into camp with a great attitude. He has solid size and gave great effort throughout the day. Yager’s camp coach Coach Prescott stated, “Matthew’s energy was outstanding, he is very coachable young man and look to have solid high school season.”

#155 6’4” 2017 Andrew Freeman of Riverside High School (Durham, NC)
Freeman has a good frame, is very strong, and works hard at the little things. He defended well and showed good effort and footwork when it came to rebounding his position. Freeman’s camp coach Coach Prescott stated, “Andrew is a very good (and versatile) defender. He also worked hard for rebounds. He shot well and if he can remember to keep his head active in each game he will do very well.”

#176 6’6” 2017 Jacob Thornton of Lakeside Academy (Holly Springs, NC)
There is no mistaking what Thornton is. He has a great work ethic and stays around the basket. Thornton had solid footwork and passer friendly hands. Thornton’s camp coach Coach Prescott stated, “Jacob is a true big man. His talent was out of this world, his footwork and movement was great for a big man.”

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