No. 7 5’7 ’20 Justin Brown of Randolph IB MS (Huntersville, NC)

Brown was a middle school camper playing up in the high school division. He did a really good job of competing and making his presence known. Each game, he got more comfortable and his confidence grew, plus he improved and got better. Coach Gary stated, “Brown displayed a nice floater and was able to knock down some open jump shots.” The next step in his development is to work on his strength, which will come with time and maturity. We were impressed with his ability to compete with players one to four years older.


No. 13 5’8 ’19 Anthony Batiste of North Mecklenburg HS (Charlotte, NC)

Batiste is a tough hard-nosed defender. He demonstrated an outstanding attitude and gave tremendous effort throughout the day. Coach Gary stated, “Batiste played really hard on defense and played with a high motor.” Batiste played extremely well within the team structure and moved well without the ball. While he didn’t score a lot of points, it didn’t stop him from being active and getting his hands on rebounds and loose balls. Unlike many prospects, his defense is ahead of his offense. In addition, Batiste is in a great high school program and will get bigger, stronger and better.


No. 48 5’11 ’19 Qamae Stanley of Sun Valley HS (Indian Trail, NC)

Unfortunately, Stanley had to leave after his first game due to fluid build up on his knee and could not finish camp.


No. 60 6’0 ’18 Cole England of McDowell HS (Marion, NC)

England is a fundamentally sound player with an outstanding basketball IQ. He gives maximum effort and played well within the team structure. Coach Gary stated, “England was a solid shooter and played with a high motor.” England knocked down perimeter shots and made some 3-pointers as well. He has good range and is very effective in a catch and shoot situation. The next step in his development is to be more effective off the bounce and dribble. In addition, England does have a good understanding of team defensive principles.


No. 104 6’1 ’18 William Papathanassiou of Christ the King (Davidson, NC)

William demonstrated a great attitude and showcased a nice basketball IQ. Coach Gary stated, “William is a really good team player and moved well without the ball.” While William didn’t take a lot of shots, he was very effective when he did. The one intangible that stood out for William was his fortitude and overall effort. He played hard on both ends of the court and made his presence known on the defensive side as he did on the offensive end of the court.


No. 110 6’2 Ervin Bennett IV of Anson County HS (Wadesboro, NC)

Bennett had an excellent camp. He did so many things well on both ends of the court. He was one of the camp’s top scorers’ and did it with hustle and effort. Coach Gary stated, “Bennett has an excellent midrange game. He can get to the basket and finish with authority.” Bennett scored from multiple levels and occasionally stepped out and knocked down a few 3-pointers. While he was quite successful on the offensive end of the court, we were also impressed with Bennett’s intensity and effort on the defensive end. While Bennett has a good skill set, it was his full throttle approach to the game that definitely caught our attention.


No. 119 6’2 ’18 Haydn Lyons of Voyager Academy (Durham, NC)

Lyons demonstrated a high level shooting touch. He has excellent mechanics and can score from multiple levels on the court, especially from the 3-point line. We were impressed with his ability to create his own shot off the dribble and showcased tremendous range. Coach Gary stated, “Lyons is also a really good passer especially off the dribble. He runs the floor extremely well and was scored in transition.” While Lyons was effective scoring off the dribble, we were equally impressed with how he moved without the ball.


No. 120 6’3 ’18 Anthony Caffey of Home School (Charlotte, NC)

Caffey has good fundamentals and a good knowledge of the game. He was more effective in a catch and shoot situation. He has adequate range and solid shooting mechanics. Coach Gary stated, “Caffey was great moving without the ball. Most of his scoring opportunities came off the catch rather than off the dribble.” The next step in his development is to work on his ball handling and being able to create his off shot off the dribble. This will add a very valuable skill set to his offensive arsenal, which will only enhance his stock as a player.


No. 157 6’4 ’17 Jordan Nelson of The Burlington School (Burlington, NC)

Jordan Nelson is a model of consistency. Standing a lengthy 6’4, Nelson showcased a balanced game throughout the day. We particularly like his ability to handle the ball and control tempo. Coach Gary stated, “Nelson is a strong player that has a nose for the basket. He has a solid midrange game.” In addition, we were equally impressed with Nelson’s on ball defense as well as his understanding of team defensive principles. He has been well coached and it is evident Nelson has a high basketball IQ and knowledge of the game. Nelson will be an intriguing prospect. He has size, skill set, athleticism and knowledge of how the game should be played.


No. 173 6’6 ’17 Brandon Lamberth of Dudley HS (Greensboro, NC)

Lamberth has made “leaps and bounds” progress in his overall improvement and development. He’s a tireless worker (on and off the court) and has himself into a legit D1 prospect. Coach Gary stated, “Lamberth can get to the basket whenever he wants. He’s a good ball handler and pretty good court vision.” Lamberth will give you maximum effort and his energy level is through the roof. He knows one speed and that is all out. The high motor wing can score from multiple levels, but is very efficient with the midrange game. His game is still evolving and his work ethic will be a strong intangible in getting him to the next level.

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