No. 17 5’8 ’18 Cameron McCravy of Mallard Creek HS (Charlotte, NC)

McCravy is a pass first PG that thinks in terms of “what is best for his team.” He is such an unselfish player and is always looking to make the right pass/play. Coach Praeger stated, “McCravy is a tough hardnosed player who does a good job running the team.” We were impressed with his vocal leadership on the court, which is exactly what you want out of your floor general. He’s scrappy on both ends of the court and doesn’t mind diving on the floor for a loose ball or battling it out with the bigs for rebounds.


No. 18 5’8 ’19 Malcolm Morgan of Cox Mill HS (Concord, NC)

Morgan demonstrated an outstanding attitude and a willingness to listen learn and improve throughout the day. He has excellent court vision and the ability to make the right read. Coach Praeger stated, “Morgan understands the game and has good court sense and the ability to communicate with his teammates.” The next step in his improvement is to get physically stronger which will come in due time; only a freshman, Morgan has really good upside and potential.


No. 44 5’11 ’17 Caleb Lee of Parkwood HS (Monroe, NC)

Lee is the type of player that will always give you a 100% effort on both ends of the court. He has good fundamentals and a nice understanding of the game. Coach Praeger stated, “Lee is a hard nosed player that is physical for his size and not afraid to take it to the basket.” We were impressed with his competitive nature and values winning. While scoring is always important, Lee doesn’t mind doing all the little things that are necessary that are needed to be successful. He’s a great glue guy that every coach values.


No 55 6’0 ’18 Seth Capizzi of Myers Park HS (Charlotte, NC)

Talk about a player that has a great attitude' Capizzi made a big impression with his outstanding attitude and overall team play. Coach Praeger summed it up best, “Capizzi is unique in that he takes pride in playing defense and doing all the little things.” He doesn’t mind mixing it up and simply has a nose for the ball. We were also impressed with the abundant amount of energy he displayed. His effort and energy were quite contagious. The next step in his development is to balance his energy and slow down some on the offensive end of the court. Not a bad problem to have!


No. 56 6’0 ’16 Darius Cook of United Faith (Charlotte, NC)

Cook is blessed with excellent athleticism and he used his strong attributes well throughout the day. He can play and guard multiple positions. Coach Praeger stated, “Cook is tremendous at attacking the basket. He also used his athletic ability extremely well on the defensive side of the court.” Overall, it was a really good day for Cook. He played hard and was effective on both ends of the court and showcased toughness and grit, which is important for a utility guy who can add value to multiple positions on the court.


No. 114 6’2 ’18 Francis Fitzgerald of Westover Christian (Danville, VA)

Shooters translate at every level and Fitzgerald is definitely a shooter to be put on the recruiting radar. Fitzgerald can score from multiple levels on the court, but was effective and efficient from the 3-point line. Coach Praeger stated, “Fitzgerald has a terrific shooting touch and the ability to knock down contested shots.” He has tremendous lift and elevation on his jumper and will only get better as he gets older. We really believe he is one to carefully monitor on the D1 radar. He has all the ingredients, attributes, and intangibles to be a really successful collegiate player.


No. 124 6’2 ’17 Noah Taylor of Porter Ridge HS (Monroe, NC)

Coach Praeger summed it up best, “Taylor is a coach’s dream! He has a great attitude and uses all the basics/fundamentals to make his teammates better.” Taylor is a complete player. He has good ball handling and passing skills. In addition, he can spot up and hit perimeter jumpers or create his own shot off the dribble. We were impressed with his leadership and how he took command of the team. More importantly, he played sound defense and understood team defensive principles. While he has many strong attributes, his intangibles are impressive.


No 161 6’4 ’20 Michael Wyman of Cornerstone MS (Greensboro, NC)

Wyman is definitely one to put in the memory bank. Only an eight grader, Wyman showcased an advanced skill. Coach Praeger stated, Wyman played way above his grade and has really good athletic ability.” He has an excellent first step and got to the rim continuously throughout the day. Wyman already sports an excellent frame, physically mature frame and a really good skill set that will allow him to be one of the better players in the state for his age/grade. (Provided he continues to put in the work) Wyman has tremendous upside and potential!


No. 162 6’4 ’16 Tyler Zagurski of Eastern Guilford HS

Zagurski is another talented eight grader that also played well above his grade level. He has an advanced skill set along with his fundamentals. Zagurski scored from all levels on the court and can play multiple positions. Coach Praeger stated, “Zagurski is able to score on the block as well as step out and knock down the open jumper. We were also impressed with is shooting mechanics and range. He sports a soft shooting touch that will translate well and enable him to be an effective scorer for his career.


No. 180 6’10 ’18 Immanuel Bates of Jack Britt HS (Fayetteville, NC)

Bates is definitely one to put in the memory bank and your SIM CARD. What you see currently is not the finished product. That being said, Bates has unlimited upside and potential. He’s extremely long and sports an enormous 7’3 wingspan that is accompanied with an equal impressive attitude. Coach Praeger stated, “Bates is an unselfish player. His attitude and interest in learning the game will serve him well in his development.” More importantly, Bates has solid athleticism and plays above the rim. The next step in his development is to get physically stronger which will come in due time. He has passer friendly hands and is also a willing passer out of the post.

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