#27 6’4” 2017 Isaiah Jones of Wake Forest High School

Jones has a great frame, full of length and athleticism. He did a good job on defense and showed to be a solid rebounder for his position. Jones’ camp coach Aloysius Henry stated, “Isaiah had a great attitude. He was very vocal on both offense and defense. He also was very athletic and finished well at the rim.” We would like to see Henry continue working on his shooting form, but he is very good in transition from the wing.

#42 5’9” Camaron Womble of Millbrook High School (Raleigh, NC)

Womble had a good day throughout camp, as he demonstrated he can be consistently productive. Womble is a smallish lead guard who is quick to push the pace and find team mates. Womble’s camp coach Aloysius Henry stated, “Camaron can push the ball up the floor and has a nice jump shot.” As Womble progresses his strength should continue to naturally grow. Womble is a nice player.

#75 6’1” Gabriel Betrand

Betrand has a big frame, and knows how to use his body in the paint. Right now he is an undersized post player, however he has the essential tool necessary, he is tough! Betrand’s camp coach Aloysius Henry stated, “Gabriel had a good attitude and worked hard during camp. He is a tough player, who was not afraid to fight against bigger guys.”

#86 5’10” 2017 DeMari Oliver Oxford Prep

Oliver had a very productive day in all facets throughout the day. Oliver is a good shooter, with good range off the bounce and the catch. On defense, he picks up for 94 feet and uses quick reflexes and anticipation to make it tough for the ball handler. Oliver’s camp coach Aloysius Henry stated, “DeMari is a good off the dribble shooter, who is able to create for himself and others.”

#109 6’ 2017 Tyrell Still of Lakewood High School (Sumter, SC)

Still came into camp with a good attitude. He showed to be a very wily player that was able to handle the ball and do things for himself on the offensive end. Still’s camp coach Aloysius Henry stated, “Tyrell is a very crafty guard. He was able to create his own shot.” Still is a very tough player and was able to set the tone with his aggressive play on both ends of the court.

#116 6’2’ William Lory

Lory was a very good point guard, who knows the game and showed great leadership for his team. Lory was able to get into the lane consistently, and showed good strength and balance to finish at the rim. Lory’s camp coach Aloysius Henry stated, “William is a solid PG, he is a good passer in transition and plays hard.” While Lory ran the show on offense, defensively he was able to set the pace while defending the ball.

#137 6’ 2018 Tyler Andersen of Covenant Day (Matthews)

Andersen showed great effort from the moment he stepped into the gym. He played very hard on both ends and displayed a willingness to lead. Andersen is a very good shooter, with a quick release and confidence when open. Andersen’s camp coach Aloysius Henry stated,“Tyler worked very hard, he rebounded well for a guard and was a very good catch and shoot player.” As Andersen continues forward we would like to see him continue working on his ball skills. Overall a very nice day for Andersen.

#166 6’1” Rodney Johnson

Johnson had a great attitude throughout the camp and showed to be very willing to learn. On the court he displayed a quickness into the lane and the balance and strength to consistently finish at the rim. Johnson’s camp coach Aloysius Henry stated, “Rodney attacked the basket well and had good, confident handles.” As Johnson continues forward we would like to see him become more involved with the team concept. He scored the ball very well.

#104 6’4” 2016 Kisheem Faison of Goldsboro High School

Faison quickly identified himself as a high motor, hustle player. He was very good on defense using his length and quickness to gather a lot of deflections. Offensively, he liked to play downhill and displayed some mid-range touch. Faison’s camp coach Aloysius Henry stated,“Kisheem played hard from start to finish. He would cut hard to the basket and had a very good pull up game going left.”Faison is a player that college at the appropriate level should already be taking note of.

#229 6’6” 2017 Brandon Lamberth of Dudley High School (Greensboro, NC)

Not only does Lamberth carry a great basketball frame and athleticism, he is a very hard worker and carries a 4.4 GPA in school. As mentioned above, Lamberth is long and athletic. He has a solid handle from the wing, and the ability to make shots with consistency from 18 feet and in. Lamberth’s camp coach Aloysius Henry stated, “Brandon is a solid overall player. He can handle the rock well and is a good shooter in 2-point range.” Lamberth displayed an ability to lead the break and passed well in the area. D1 schools need to start paying attention here.

#244 6’8” 2017 Jon Bryant of Carmel Christian (Charlotte, NC)

Bryant is a new name to us, however one that quickly turned heads. Bryant has a very strong frame, with good length, and explosion around the rim. He also has touch beyond the arc, making multiple threes throughout the day. Bryant’s camp coach Aloysius Henry stated, “Jon has a solid all-around game. He shot the 3, can post up, and showed back to the basket moves. Jon is also a very good rebounder.” Although Bryant’s is a new name, he is one that should firmly be on D1 recruiting radars. Bryant should make a nice induction to the rankings.

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