#58 5’8” 2018 Michael McCoy of Northside Christian (Charlotte, NC)
McCoy is a relentless on ball defender that used active hands and quick feet to create havoc on the opposing team’s ball handlers. McCoy had a great attitude and was a very coachable team player. McCoy’s camp coach Frank Scutiere stated, “Michael is a very good 1 on 1 defender who is always working hard. He rebounds well for his size and is a natural leader on the floor.” McCoy is one to watch as he progresses.

#61 5’10” 2021 Zion Harmon of Lighthouse Christian (Antioch, Tn)
Harmon earned an invite to camp through is play at the NC Junior Phenom. As one of the younger players in camp he showed a fearless nature and advanced offensive skill set. Harmon’s camp coach Frank Scutiere stated, “Zion is very quick and strong to the basket. He scored in many different ways. Harmon is an aggressive defender and hustles every play.” Harmon is rated as one of the top 7th graders in the country. Rightfully so, he is one to put in your SIM Card and enjoy watching him grow.

#105 5’11” 2018 Ricky Clemmons of Rolesville HS (Raleigh, NC)
Clemmons is quick and has a team sense on the court. He is a true point guard who has a good attitude and a confidence about himself on the court. Clemmons camp coach Frank Scutiere stated, “Ricky is a very good defender. He passes well and kept his team mates involved. Ricky also hit some clutch jump shots throughout the day.”

#108 5’11” 2016 Joshua Bagley of Bull City Prep (Durham, NC)
Bagley is very aggressive on the ball and quick to get downhill in the half court. He has a tenacious attitude and ran his team both with his play and leadership. Bagley’s camp coach Frank Scutiere stated, “Joshua was the MVP of the team. He works very hard on defense as he created many turnovers. He can score driving with both hands and by hitting the outside shot.” College coaches, it is time you go ahead and get on this one.

#150 6’1” 2017 Smith Gupton of Franklinton HS (Youngsville, NC)
Splitter has a good attitude and shows a high basketball IQ. He enjoys sticking his nose in to rebound and making plays on defense. Gupton’s camp coach Frank Scutiere stated, “Chase is a very good rebounder on both offense and defense. He always hustles on defense, and defended well in 1 on 1 situations.”

#153 6’1” 2018 Eli Cupples of Hickory Ridge HS (Harrisburg, NC)
Cupples is a very quick and a good athlete. He gave great effort and was a glue man for his team. Cupples filled the stat sheets as a defender, rebounder, and downhill finisher. Cupples camp coach Frank Scutiere stated, “Eli is a very good rebounder and a great leaper. He is strong driving to the basket and finishing in traffic.”Cupples does a lot of good things on the court. He will be one to monitor as he progresses.

#156 6’1” 2019 Quest Aldridge of Mt Tabor HS (Pfafftown, NC)
Aldridge proved to be a very good defender, time and time again. He had a very good attitude throughout the camp and brought a high level of energy to the floor, each time out. Aldridge’s camp coach Frank Scutiere stated, “Quest is a very good 1 on 1 defender and he was able to start the fast break many times with short, quick passes.”

#161 6’2” 2020 Jaden Springer of Lighthouse Christian (Antioch, TN)
Springer earned an invite here due to his performance at NC Junior Phenom where he averaged 37 points per game. As the youngest kid here he averaged 22.7 points per game, as the youngest kid in camp. Springer is a high motor athlete with great bloodlines. He already has a 6’10” wing span and is an aggressive downhill wing. Springer’s camp coach Frank Scutiere stated, “Jaden is good driving to the basket and hitting the short jumper off the bounce. He has great touch and is such a good athlete.” Put Springer in your SIM Card, he is one of the top players in his class.

#201 6’4” 2016 Tyler Zagurski of Eastern Guilford HS (McLeansville, NC)
Zagurski is a very fundamental player, who knows his strengths and plays to them. He is active around the basket and finishes there with touch. Zagurski’s camp coach Frank Scutiere stated, “Tyler always finishes around the basket with quickness. He is a good passer who hits the open man as he started many fast breaks with the outlet pass.”

#250 6’10” 2018 Adam Calhoun of Greensboro Day School (Greensboro, NC)
Calhoun certainly stands out when walking on the floor, with his size. He is very active throughout the game and has soft touch, off the catch, out to 15 feet. Calhoun’s camp coach Frank Scutiere stated, “Adam works hard under the basket and has soft touch on jumpers. He is at his best when he keeps the ball high and utilizes his height.”

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