The NC Phenom 150 Spring Evaluation Camp took place Saturday, March 14th and the talent level was strong from top to bottom. Today, we will take a look at some of the players from each individual team. Each camp coach was to fill out a detailed individual player evaluation. While we try to focus on upside and potential, we also look carefully at intangibles such as attitude, cooperation, work ethic and team play. We hope to capture a thorough detailed resume for each player in attendance.

Omari Wilson – #162/ SG-SF/ 6’3 – Fayetteville 71st (2017)

“Omari has the height and length to defend at a high level. If he can continue to mature and develop, I expect him to do just that. Omari also handles the ball well and finishes at the rim. This kid as ha ton of room to improve in all aspects.” – Coach Craftsman

Wilson just finished a fantastic season with 71st and is growing into a vital part of the team, playing in 28 games this past season. At the event, he showed that he can do it on both levels of the floor, displaying nice range on his shot with solid mechanics, while also showing he can get it done on the defensive end. The more this kid develops on the little things and continue to perfect his craft, he will be a name people will recognize down the road even more.

Areas of Excellence: Rebounding, Scoring, Range, Attitude, Ball Handling

Areas of Work: Improvement on the little things that could take him to the next level as a player.

Tyler Maye – #109/ PG-SG/ 6’1 – Greenfield School (2017)

“Tyler has a ton of potential. He showed the ability to get in the paint and make the right play over and over. Also, he can make shots at a high level. If he continues to work on his game, the sky is the limit for this kid.”

Several of the coaches and scouts that were there were impressed with what Tyler produced on the court. He has a great motor and a quick release at his position. He also excelled in transition buckets several times at the event. The coaches seemed to think this kid is solid in all the right areas and ask his coach said, the sky is the limit with this kid.

Areas of Excellence: Transition baskets, Quick release, Shooting mechanics, Hustle

Areas of Work: Continuing to develop in all areas to perfect the craft of his game

Temetrius Morant – #60/ PG-SG/ 5’11 – Crestwood (SC)(2017)

“Temetrius has “it” with his consistent play and development as a player. His basketball maturity can take him as far as he’d like it to. Explosive first step, can take the body contact, and is also crafty around the rim. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this young kid.”

The best part of his game was certainly his ability to make the first step and get to the rim. His penetration ability into the lane was some of the best we saw on the courts that weekend, while also showing that can finish with contact. That is something you can’t find in a lot of 5’11 guards. But overall, the coaches thought Morant was a solid player in all areas and likes where his game is going for the future.

Areas of Excellence: Penetration Ability, Ability to finish, Attitude, Team Play, Effort, Quickness, First step

Areas of Work: Continue developing the outside shot, Ball handling, Vision

Javier Rogers – #12/ Point Guard/ 5’5 – Kestrel Heights (2017)

“Javier will be successful on the court and off because he displays confidence and heart, two intangibles that you cannot teach. He needs to get his shot automatic to a certain extent, so that the defender will respect it. When that happens, the best of the game will open up, specifically the lanes to drive. Continue to work hard.”

His small stature doesn’t affect his game with the two intangibles his coach listed above. You can’t teach that in a play; it is something a player has to get on their own. At the point guard position, this kid showed tremendous vision and ball handling skills, just has to develop the consistent shot that will open up other areas of his game.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Heart, Desire, Vision, Quickness, Ball Handling Skills, Shot range

Areas of Work: Consistent jumper, Rebounding for position, Moving without the ball

Chris Martin – #59/ PG-SG/ 5’11 – Victory Christian (2017)

Martin has the potential to be a solid prospect down the road but needs to focus on some areas of his game to reach the level we see he is capable of. He has a great attitude towards the game and can see that he wants to learn and develop. His range on his shot was very good along with his mechanics and ability to finish. He also had very good foorwork and quickness at his position.

But he needs to focus on his defense and continue to develop in that area, while also developing one area at a time in his game; everything else will come with that. Events like this certainly will help this young man and we figure he will be another great player for Victory Christian down the road.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Team Play, Baksetball IQ, Quickness, Footwork, Rebounding his position

Areas of Work: Shooting off the dribble, Release time, Fine tune areas once at a time to help his game overall, Focus on the little things and perfect

Colton Reed – #110/ Guard/ 6’1 – Heritage (2017)

Defense, defense, defense.. certainly is one area in which his coaches seemed to be impress with Reed. Also, his quickness, agility, and explosion were also areas that intrigued out scouts and coaches. Reed seemed to be a solid player overall with a GREAT attitude to play the game.

“Continue to work on different aspects of your game. Ball handling, shooting, etc.. needs to work on it every day. Lots of potential. I believe in you!”

The expectation is there for this kid to thrive at a young age and the coaches could see it at the camp. Just developing overall the little aspects of each craft could take this kid to the next level.

Areas of Excellence: Defense, Quickness, Explosion, Solid overall as a player

Areas of Work: Continue to work on the little things and being consistent

Johnathan Pearsall – #161/ SF-PF/ 6’3 – North Raleigh Christian Academy (2017)

Another overall solid player for this team but as Pearsail continues to grow and develop into his body and position, the easier his game will come. Just continue to work in all aspects of his game is what the coaches had to say about the young man. He did well in defending and boxing out in the paint and had a nice right jump hook.

He hasn’t jumped on the scene yet but if Johnathan continues to develop his strengths and find his game in where he likes to play, while developing in areas that he needs work in, he certainly will be a solid player down the road.

Areas of Excellence: Boxing out, Right hand Jump Hook, Defense

Areas of Work: Working on all areas and developing, Consistent Shot, Ball handling, passing

Elijah Manley – #160/ SF-PF/ 6’3 – Uwharrie Charter Academy (2017)

Manley was one of the main scorers for Uwharrie Charter Academy last year and that talent was shown at the NC Phenom 150. He is a unique player with solid overall game that can score the basketball and rebound with his size. He scored a game high 10 points in the second game and showed a tremendous amount of speed and agility on the floor. He has a nice shot that can spread the floor and showed the ability to finish, while also battling it out for rebounds.

Overall, Manley might have been one of the best overall players on the floor in every aspect of the game

Areas of Excellence: Overall, a tremendous player, Speed, Agility, Scoring, Rebounding his position

Areas of Work: Just continue to develop his overall game

Justin Myers – #198/ SF/ 6’5 – North Iredell (2016)

Myers was the oldest player on the floor and it showed as he averaged double figure points throughout the event.

“One of the best I saw early, full blast small forward with the ability to slash and shoot. College prospect.” -Scout

Even our own were very impressed with the game Myers had and can see why he was the leading scorer last season for North Iredell with his high basketball IQ and fundamentals on the court.

Areas of Excellence: Defensive force, Rebounding, Interior presence, Slashing and penetration, shooting mechanics

Areas of Work: Continuing to develop this little things in his game, Shot mechanics and release, ball handling, Continuing to work harder

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