The NC Phenom 150 Spring Evaluation Camp took place Saturday, March 14th and the talent level was strong from top to bottom. Today, we will take a look at some of the players from each individual team. Each camp coach was to fill out a detailed individual player evaluation. While we try to focus on upside and potential, we also look carefully at intangibles such as attitude, cooperation, work ethic and team play. We hope to capture a thorough detailed resume for each player in attendance.

Nicholas Tolbert – #36/ Guard/ 5’9 – Asheville (2018)

Tolbert is a very fast and athletic guard who was able to get to the rim at east several times at the NC Phenon 150. He was one of the better guards that were able to penetrate the paint and finish, also showing a nice array of ball handling skills that can only get better down the road. His quickness and defense were two areas though that seemed to be his best attributes at Forsyth Country Day, but there are still a few things that this kid can work on to become a better guard. His shot range seemed to be solid both inside the paint and behind the arc, while most of his shots fell when he was coming off the dribble.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Basketball IQ, Quickness, Defense on ball, Shot range, Shot off the dribble, Footwork

Areas of Work: Back to the basket moves, Transition defense, Perimeter shooting, Moving without the ball

Glenn Bynum Jr – #47/ Guard/ 5’10 – Concord First Assembly (2020)

Bynum, like Tolbert above, was another quick and athletic guard for his team. His coach said that Bynum is “a very athletic, savvy guard who demonstrated the ability to knock down the three. He plays the game with a passion to win and is very coachable. Very good feel for the game and found the open spaces to spot up.” Bynum was yet another guard that had a fantastic shot off the dribble and a quick release time to knock down shots in traffic. His quickness and footwork were solid and one of his high points for him, while looking to work in areas such as continuing to work on his ball handle. He already has a good size to him and could be a mismatch down the road as he develops. As he continues to grow and hit the weight room to get stronger in his upper body, he will certainly be a name to remember down the road.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Effort, Team Play, Shooting off the dribble, Release Time, Quickness, Footwork, Vision and court sense, Moving without the ball

Areas of Work: Use of offhand, shot range, penetration ability, ball handling skills

Jabaar Carmack – #4/ Guard/ 5’2 – Alice Drive MS (SC)(2019)

This talented point guard is still young and only in eighth grade. But you wouldn’t have known that on when watching him on the court. He showed flashes of being an elite point guard who could control the tempo of the game. Carmack handled the ball very well under pressure and was a very solid on ball defender. His shooting stroke was above average, showing a nice mixture of an inside, outside game knocking down several threes. The areas that he excelled in were his release time and shooting mechanics, while also finding the open man in transition. As mentioned before though, he is a young guy and will only continue to get better and stronger.

Areas of Excellence: Basketball IQ, Effort, Release time, Shooting mechanics, Passing skills, Quickness, Vision and court sense, Range of shot (2pt)

Areas of Work: Range of shot (3pt), Catch and shoot, Back to the basket moves, Use of offhand, Footwork, Rebounding your position

Cayden Sutphin – #5/ Guard/ 5’3 – Floyd County (2019)

There couldn’t me more of a complement when a coach sees the passion a kid has for the game of basketball. That is what Sutphin’s coach saw in this young man, as they said that Cayden is a player who played with passion and fire and who was a complete joy to coach.

“His feel for the game and ability to make that extra pass was demonstrated in every game. Cayden also showed the ability to know down the three point shot. He needs to continue to work on ball handling and be stronger defending his opponent, but this kid has a great attitude.”

Players can always continue to work on the game but you don’t find to many players with the right combination of attitude and game, something that will carry Sutphin a long way down the road.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Team Play, Range of shot (3pt), Shooting mechanics, Passion, Passing skills

Areas of Work: Rebounding his position, Penetration and ability to finish, defense both on and off the ball, quickness and footwork

John Price – #18/ Shooting Guard/ 5’7 – Northside Christian (SC)(2019)

It was easy to find what kind of player Price was right off the bat. This kid is a straight up, knock down shooter who isn’t afraid to take the shot from anywyere. His range on his shot easily went out to the arc and was able to his the inside game, the outside game, off the dribble, and anywhere else on the court. You can tell this young kid has worked very hard at his shooting mechanics and when the ball is in his hand, he thinks it is going in every time. He also has a great attitude for the game and plays team ball. He will continue to work on his ball handling skills and continue to perfect his shot, as he certainly will be a player that a coach will love and wouldn’t mind having the ball in his hand if his team needs to knock down a shot.

Areas of Excellence: Shot range, Team play, Attitude, Catch and shoot, Shooting mechanics, Release time, Passing skills, Defense

Areas of Work: Bask to the basket moves, Penetration ability, Ability to finish, Ball handling skills, Footwork

Tyrik Ingram – #141/ Forward/ 6’2 – Southern MS (2019)

Only in the eighth grade, this kid has the frame of a player already in high school at 6’2. With that frame and playing with several player smaller than him, he was able to demonstrate his instinctive ability to go after the ball and rebound for his size and position. But not only did he demonstrate that, he also showed that he shouldn’t be taken lightly with his shot making ability and his ability to finish around the basket. Offensively, this kid is a work in progress but can see that he has the intangibles to be a very good offensive player and he has the hands to be a big time post player.

He still needs to work on the other side of the ball defensively and continue to work on his shot mechanics, but you can’t teach the physical gifts that he has with his size.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Team Play, Rebounding, Moving without the Ball, Range of shot

Areas of Work: Catch and shoot, Shooting mechanics, Penetration ability, defense both on and off the ball

Brian Natale – #142/ Forward/ 6’2 – East Cary MS (2019)

“Brian has a tremendous attitude and will to do whatever you ask of him,” his coach said about Natale, who is only in eighth grade. “He is very coachable and was a big time rebounder. He finished well around the basket but he must work on his jumper and needs to improve his quickness.”

With Ingram and Natale on the same team, this team was able to dominate on the boards, but this young man still has room to grow to become the player he wants to be. His knack for the ball on the boards was outstanding, but he needs to become more aggressive offensively. Developing a jumper like his coach said will make him a dangerous player and putting the pressure on the defense to guard him closer.

Areas of Excellence: Acceptance of Criticism, Attitude, Basketball IQ, Effort, Team Play, Rebounding, Ability to finish in the paint

Areas of Work: Jump shot, Range of shot, Penetration ability, Defense both on and off the ball, Ball handling, Passing skills

Bryan Sosa – #24/ Guard/ 5’8 – Garner (2018)

Sosa is coming off a Garner team that won the state championship, so you know the experience and training is there for this young man. But with the talent that he has faced early on at Garner, this kid will only get better and continue to learn the game of basketball. He is a very good defender and rebounder for being 5’8, while also showing that he competes at the highest level (coach said that he never game up one second in the games he played). Sosa has a nice shot from 15 feet and in but he can be better farther out, something that will come with repetition in the offseason. Sosa also needs to develop better ball handling and better passes, something that he can focus on this summer

Areas of Excellence: Team Play, Jump shot within 15 feet, Catch and shoot, Effort, Attitude, Defense

Areas of Work: Outside range, Use of offhand, Penetration and finish ability in the paint, Vision, Passing skills, Ball handling

Carlos Cabral – #35/ Guard/ 5’9 – Bishop Sullivan (VA) (2018)

Carlos is a very tough minded guard who doesn’t mind mixing it up inside the paint. He has solid passing skills and vision on the court, looking for his teammates in the open court. As a shooter and scorer, he was able to use his upper body strength in getting to the rim and finished at the rim. He was much better at the camp in getting to the lane, that if he could develop and knock down his outside shot, this kid could be a nightmare both inside and out. Developing his shot and also using his off hand will be areas that this young man needs to focus on, while developing more overall.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Basketball IQ, Team Play, Range of shot, Penetration and ability to finish at the rim, Defense, Vision

Areas of Work: Consistent jumper, Use of off hand, Quickness, Rebounding

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