The NC Phenom 150 Spring Evaluation Camp took place Saturday, March 14th and the talent level was strong from top to bottom. Today, we will take a look at some of the players from each individual team. Each camp coach was to fill out a detailed individual player evaluation. While we try to focus on upside and potential, we also look carefully at intangibles such as attitude, cooperation, work ethic and team play. We hope to capture a thorough detailed resume for each player in attendance.

Phillip Roach – #151 – Cape Henry (2017)

“Phillip possesses a positive attitude which is infectious among his teammates. He gives great effort on both ends of the floor. Phillip finishes well in transition and is a superb rebounder, especially on the offensive end. But the part of his game he excels in is the defensive end of the court. He made steal after steal today. Phillip can improve on a better understanding of moving without the ball and spacing. Keep working on your game. You have a contagious attitude.”

Areas of Excellence: Effort, shooting off the dribble, penetration ability, defense on the ball, transition defense, rebounding, quickness

Areas of Work: Range on mid range shot, release time, shooting mechanics, passing skills, moving without the ball


Taylan Rowe – #95 – West Stanly (2016)

“Taylan is a team first player. He always makes the play that will help the team win. His ability to finish at the rim in transition is one of his strongest attributes. He plays with a good motor and never takes a play off. He transitions to defense well also. Taylan rebounds his guard position better than most. Continue to work on your shooting off the dribble and ball handling. Always play with your team-first attitude. It was a pleasure to coach you.”

Areas of Excellence: Team play, ability to finish, transition defense, rebounding your position, penetration ability, defense on and off the ball, back to the basket moves

Areas of Work: shooting off the dribble, ball handling, passing skills, vision and court sense


Connor Crabtree – #188 – Orange (2017)

“Connor is a very good all-around player. He has a great sense of which shot to take and he can shoot the basketball with confidence at ease. He has great range on his jump shot, but can also get to the rim in traffic. He is an unselfish player that looks to get his teammates involved. His ability to shoo the ball will always allow him to play. Great job today. Connor keep up the work and I look forward to following your career.”

Areas of Excellence: Range on three point shot, catch and shoot, shooting mechanics, footwork, vision and court sense, moving without the ball

Areas of Work: back to the basket moves, use of off hand, ball handling skills


Carrington Young – #137 – Burlington School (2015)

“Carrington plays the game the right way. He plays to win and he does all the little things well that will allow his team to win. He sets solid screens and moves well without the ball. Carrington puts the team first and he has a good, quick release from three and can also finish at the rim. He rebounds well and relly gets after it. Continue to work on ball handling and passing. Good luck.”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Effort, defense on the ball, rebounding the ball, moving without the ball, ability to finish, quickness and footwork, catch and shoot

Areas of Work: range on mid-range shot, use of off hand, ball handling, passing skills


Damon Scott – #50 – Asheville (2016)

“Damon plays with a will to win. He has a nice mid-range game and knocks down the 15’, 17’ jumper with consistency. He can penetrate through traffic and he is a really good finisher in transition. He plays great on the ball defense and has the ability to keep his man in front. He takes pride in getting stops. Damon is a coach’s player and he does all the small things that help you win games.”

Areas of Excellence: attitude, acceptance of criticism, effort, penetration ability, defense on the ball, range of mid-range shot, quickness and footwork

Areas of Work: back to the basket moves, use of off hand


Jordan Twyman – #94 – New Garden Friends (2018)

“Jordan has an uncanny ability to get to the rim in the half court. He has explosive speed and also the desire to punish his defender. He has great quickness at the point guard position and knows how to really push the ball in transition. He is also a streaky shooter. The next part of his development will be his decision making ability. He will need to learn when to get his teammates involved and when to do things himself. He has limitless potential when that happens.”

Areas of Excellence: Effort, use of off hand, penetration ability, ability to finish, defense on the ball, quickness, rebounding, moving without the ball, ball handling

Areas of Work: team play, decision making, defense off the ball, passing skills, vision and court sense


Jalen Finch – #33

“Jalen is able to penetrate the gaps in transition and in half court sets. In transition, he gets to the bucket well. He has good quickness and defense on the ball well. Jalen takes pride in his defense. He has a great attitude and he wants to do well. Jalen’s next step is to learn to get his teammates involved in the game.”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, acceptance of criticism, penetration ability, defense on the ball, quickness, ability to finish

Areas of Work: range of shot, catch and shoot, shooting mechanics, passing skills, transition defense, moving without the ball


Noah Dean – #189 – Southside Christian (2016)

“Noah has the ability to play the 1-4 positions on the floor. He has the size to play three or even four and the playmaking ability to play point guard. He is a very versatile player that shoots the ball well from outside. He plays team first basketball and will do what it takes to win games. He has an infectious attitude that his team feeds from. They know he will make the decision for his team.”

Areas of Excellence: team play, defense on the ball, footwork, rebounding his position, moving without the ball, range of shot, shooting mechanics, ability to finish

Areas of Work: penetration ability, ball handling skills, quickness


Dashawn Curtin – #49 – Southeast Raleigh Magnet (2017)

“Dashawn is a player that every coach wishes he had on his team. He puts the team first. He dives on the loose ball and goes for rebounds he knows he has no chance to get. He shoots well off the dribble and gets to the rim with ease. When he is in the game, the rest of the team is more confident. That’s a great trait to have. Keep working and really enjoyed your game!”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, effort, penetration ability, transition defense, shooting off the dribble, use of hand, quickness and footwork, defense on and of the ball

Areas of Work: Range of shot, back to the basket moves, ball handling, vision and court sense, moving without the ball

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