The NC Phenom 150 Spring Evaluation Camp took place Saturday, March 14th and the talent level was strong from top to bottom. Today, we will take a look at some of the players from each individual team. Each camp coach was to fill out a detailed individual player evaluation. While we try to focus on upside and potential, we also look carefully at intangibles such as attitude, cooperation, work ethic and team play. We hope to capture a thorough detailed resume for each player in attendance.

Kimae Geans – #78/ 5’11 – Overhills (2015)

“For Geans to play at the next level, he will need to dedicate some gym time to some skills listed. Although, he showed his aggressive nature at times, Kimae could be much better scorer near the basket. Above average shooter off the dribble, which sets up his penetration where he is strong (in that aspect of his game).”

Dedication to the gym will truly help Geans in several areas, as he just needs to focus on getting better overall as a play. He has a nice shot and release time, just working on those mechanics to fine tune them could be key. Also, working as a ball handler for his size will be key also.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Basketball IQ, Effort, Team play, penetration ability, shooting off the dribble

Areas of Work: Range of his shot, shooting mechanics, ball handling, passing skills, quickness and footwork


JaQuari Futrell – #127/ 6’1 – Leesville Road (2018)

“For JaQuari to play at the next level, he only needs to concentrate on what he is good at right now. Can shoot the ball and once he gets better with the use of his off hand, he will become a strong scorer. He has the quickness and footwork, but he still needs improvement but he still has time. With hand work and dedication, he can be a great player.”

JaQuari scored very well in his shooting mechanics, range of shot both mid-range and outside the arc, just not letting those go will be key. He needs to work in other areas also to become stronger player with his quickness and footwork.

Areas of Excellence: Range of shot (mid-range and behind the arc), shooting off the dribble, shooting mechanics, team play, effort

Areas of Work: penetration ability, ball handling, passing skills, quickness and footwork


Randy Leak – #128/ 6’1 – Scotland (2016)

“This kid can play on and off the ball. He sees the floor very well and has a great body for the game. He makes his teammates better and speaks well and works hard. Passes into post well also. He speeds the ball up the floor with a purpose and has a strong dribble drive. Leak is hard to stop once he sets that he is going to go and with a little more work on quickness, he can definitely play Division I ball.”

Leak was impressive for this team and ranked solid in almost all areas of his game. Continue to work and develop more on his quickness and footwork, this kid really could play in the spotlight at the next level.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, effort, Range and shooting mechanics, use of off hand, penetration and finishing ability, vision and defense

Areas of Work: Quickness and footwork


Drew Greene – #77/ 5’11 – Chapel Hill (2018)

“Drew is a great team player who lets the game come to him. Solid catch and shoot guard and he has the ability to shoot off the dribble as well. Good ball handling skills. I loved his court vision and passing skills, to go along with his defense but he could be a little more aggressive. Also, he moved without the ball very well to get his shoot off. If Drew uses his gym time well, he will be a great player.”

Areas of Excellence: Team Play, Range of shot, three point shooting, catch and shoot, passing skills

Areas of Work: Penetration ability, ability to finish, defense on and off the ball, quickness


Daunte King – #28/ 5’8 – JM Morehead (2016)

“Daunte is a fireball on offensive and defense. He can make a guy stand still with his peed and also finish at the basket. He has great heads up play on both offense and defense, while making great plays on defense. Can speed a team up who can’t guard and cause a lot of problems in the open court. Daunte is great with his penetration and kick passes. It makes the defense play off of him and allows him to shoot the ball. This kid can be a problem for opposing team on any collegiate level.”

Areas of Excellence: Range on his shot, penetration, ability to find teammates, footwork, quickness

Areas of Work: passing skills, shooting mechanics, use of off hand


Alellio Massenet – #236

“This kid is very aggressive and loves to just play the game of basketball; he has a big heart. With improvement on his skill, he will be a great player. With the love he has for the game, he shouldn’t mind the work. The hungrier a kid is, usually he becomes a better player. I think this kid will get the work done because he is very coach able and his effort is so great. He will play somewhere because he wants to.”

This kid was very raw in his game but his passion for the game and desire to learn certainly overshadowed that, something that we certainly loved to see. If he puts that same passion in the gym when the eyes aren’t on him, he certainly can improve a lot in his game.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, acceptance of criticism, effort, release time

Areas of Work: Shooting range and mechanics, penetration ability, ball handling, skills, quickness and footwork, overall game


Andreas Fuller – #207/ 6’5 – Village Christian Academy (2018)

“Andreas has a great basketball body. He needs to dedicate himself a little more though. He can and will be a great Division II player. Can get to the basket and finish, while also being a strong rebound as well and he likes to push it up the floor. He moves well without the ball and will finish around the basket. With improvement on ball handling and quickness, he can be a very good wing or guard player with his size.”

Being at 6’5 and playing the guard or win position, one tell he isn’t far away from being a decent player on the court and a havoc to his opponents. He was solid on the defensive end with his size but needs to polish his offensive game.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, acceptance of criticism, team play, release time, defense, rebounding

Areas of Work: Shooting off the dribble, shooting mechanics, penetration ability and finishing at the rim, ball handling, quickness and footwork, moving without he ball


Charles Norman – #177/ 6’3 – Prominance Academy (2016)

“This kid can play the game. Will get better and better the more he works on his game. He is a Division I or mid major player. Charles is very explosive, Russell Westbrook like. Aggressive all the time and defenders will hate to see him coming at them. Rebounds the ball very well for a guard. Actually, Charles plays above the rim. If he stays committed to hard work, this kid will be playing on television in the near future.”

Phenom Hoops Report says “Junior Charles Norman is one of the most athletic players in NC. He put on an aerial show and look for him to impress down the road.”

This kid has all the right tools and if he continues to develop the way we see, him, many can expect that college scouts to come around even more to talk and sign this kid for the next level.

Areas of Excellence: Range of shot inside and outside, Shooting off the dribble, Penetration ability, passing skills, defense on and off the ball, transition, quickness and footwork, moving without the ball

Areas of Work: shooting mechanics, use of off hand, ball handling,


Hunter Ladler – #145/ 6’2 – Atlantic Shores (VA) (2016)

:”Hunter has a great body for a great guard or combo guard. Some dedication in body work drills will make him a Division I or Division II starting point guard. He is a great team player and looks for his teammates in the open court. He just can make plays for himself. Court vision and moving without the ball is a big part of his game. He can hurt you with his dribble drive and open shooting as well. Hunter looks good and with condition dedication, he will a coach very happy.”

His ability to dribble into the paint really showed on the court and was one of his strong points, while also hurting opponents when he was shooting off the dribble. This young man was able to create for himself offensively and now just needs to focus on the little things to become overall a good guard.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, team play, catch and shoot, shooting off the dribble, penetration ability, ability to finish

Areas of Work: quickness and footwork, defense on and off the ball, transition defense


Kevin Schmitt – #217/ 6’7 – Trinity Christian (2016)

“Kevin has great size and great hands. He really does rebound the ball well and has a solid jump hook, while being able to finish around the basket. HE also can put the ball on the floor and make good passes. Will use his body to set screens and plays well one on one defense. Kevin will make a lot of teammates happy because he play for them first. Looking to make plays and passes, but he also knows when to strike when his defender plays off of him. If Kevin keeps working on his game and body, he has a chance to make it at the next level.”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Team play, back to the basket moves, jump hook, use of off hand, screens, one on one defense, rebounding

Areas of Work: Range of his shot, catch and shoot, transition defense, quickness, footwork, vision and court sense

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