The NC Phenom 150 Spring Evaluation Camp took place Saturday, March 14th and the talent level was strong from top to bottom. Today, we will take a look at some of the players from each individual team. Each camp coach was to fill out a detailed individual player evaluation. While we try to focus on upside and potential, we also look carefully at intangibles such as attitude, cooperation, work ethic and team play. We hope to capture a thorough detailed resume for each player in attendance.

Josh Jones – #126/ 6’1 – Walker Valley (TN) (2016)

“Great shooter and a solid size guard. He can get to the basket but sometimes doesn’t look to be aggressive on the offensive side of the floor. Needs to play better without the ball but overall, a solid guard.”

In high school, he had several great games on the scoring end and as his coach said, he is a very solid guard. He shot the ball well, had good mechanics in his release and really played well on the defensive side of the ball.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Range of shot (3pt), Mechanics and release time, Defense on and off the ball

Areas of Work: Shooting off the dribble, Back to the basket moves, Penetration, Being aggressive, Play better without the ball

Jaylon Wray – #144/ 6’3 – Crest (2016)

“Great kid, very explosive and strong finisher. Can defend his position really well. He has a decent shot and great IQ for knowing when and when not to shoot or drive. He also is a Rim Shaker and really can throw it down.”

Coach Rick said “Jaylon Wray of Crest HS in Shelby has elevated his stock today on the heels of a great playoff run.”

This kid was a name that was mentioned throughout the day at the Phenom 150 with his explosive play and his nice offensive ability, something that many saw in Crest’s run in the playoffs.

Areas of Excellence: Acceptance of criticism, Effort, Ability to finish, Catch and shoot, Decision making

Areas of Work: Passing Skills, Range of shot, footwork, vision and court vision

AJ Gallagher – #206/ 6’5 – Porter Ridge (2018)

“He is a sleeper! Plays well around the rim and is fundamentally sound as a power forward. Solid mid-range jump shot and solid post play for his size. Does the little things well and plays hard. He just needs to get stronger and always remember to play aggressive on both sides of the ball.”

This certainly what players are looking for at events like this. Gallagher proved what he could do fundamentally down low and made a name for himself at the Phenom 150 and now will be one to watch down the road.

Areas of Excellence: basketball IQ, fundamentals, release time, shooting mechanics, ability to finish, mid-range jump shot

Areas of Work: Range of shot, Shooting off the dribble, Penetration ability, passing and ball handling skills

Eryk Deane – #27/ 5’9 – Orange (2016)

“Strong guard! Excellent defender and is willing to check anyone on the court. He showed that he was able to penetrate into the paint and had decent court vision. He was OK from behind the three point line but has a good mid-range game. Plays hard on every possession.”

Deane played well at the point guard position and showed that he was able to mix it up as he did a lot of his damage with his ability to penetrate. His ball handling skills and on ball defense were the two aspects of his game that really stood out.

Areas of Excellence: Effort, Penetration ability, ball handling skills, defense on the ball, range of mid-range shot

Areas of Work: three point shooting, back to the basket moves, use of off hand,

Parker Julian – #216/ 6’7 – Charlotte Latin (2016)

“Parker is a very craft big man! Can play inside or out and has decent ball handles for his size. Solid miss match against opponents and can play the three, four, or five position on the court. Needs to work on mechanics from behind the arc. Overall though, a solid big man that can do it all but needs to get stronger and more confident.”

One of the few big men in the camp, Parker was as solid as can be and could be a name that will make noise at the next level. He was solid down low in the paint and was able to play full of energy when in the game.

Areas of Excellence: Back to the basket moves, Use of off hand, Rebounding his position, range of mid-range shot, footwork

Areas of Work: Range of outside shot, Catch and shoot ability, shooting mechanics, defense both on and off the ball

Ari Polanco – #76/ 5’10 – Hough (2016)

“Love this kid. He is a coaches dream player, as he was a very skilled point guard with great size. Strong and can finish around the glass. He still needs to work on quicker decision when on the court and his jump shot. Has great handles and can play with any body because of being a great teammate.”

Teammates seemed to love playing with Polanco as their floor general at the NC Phenom 150. He showed that he can be the floor general while producing and scoring for himself. If the coaches loved him this much, he certainly caught the eyes of scouts at the event.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Team play, Range of shot inside the arc, shooting mechanics, ball handling skills, passing skills, vision and court sense

Areas of Work: Defense, Moving without the ball, getting better at decision making, jump shot

Blan Hodges – #75/ 5’11 – Alexander Central (2018)

“Hodges is a great shooter. Plays well for his size and understands the game. He played with confidence but needs to get stronger and more aggressive penetrating to the basket. Awesome floor general though.”

Hodges showed that he isn’t afraid of shooting the ball and that certainly is one of this strong suits in his game, something he has worked on for quite some time. He is smaller in size but he needs to not let that hold him back and learn to create more for him. Continue to work on his offensive game and scoring in unique ways, while also working on the defensive side of the ball.

Areas of Excellence: Range of his shot (both inside and outside the arc), Basketball IQ, Shooting mechanics, Passing skills, Vision and court sense

Areas of Work: Back to the basket moves, Use of off hand, Ability to finish, Defense, Quickness and footwork, becoming stronger

Brandon Mayhan – #176/ 6’3 – Eden Morehead (VA) (2016)

“Solid two guard. He had a great mid-range jumper that he wasn’t afraid of taking. He is a very lanky, long arm guard that can play all the guard positions, something that is needed at the next level. He was also very coachable on and off the court. Can take plays off on defense but picks it up when asked to.”

Mayhan has the length that can both any opponent but he needs to just put that full effort on both ends and he could be a complete overall player that college scouts look for. He needs to continue growing and developing his overall game.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Team play, quickness, moving without the ball, shot making ability, defense

Areas of Work: back to the basket moves, Shooting off the dribble, use of off hand, Ball handling and passing skills

Keith Holmes – #125/ 6’1 – Bishop Sullivan (VA) (2018)

“Holmes is a very good kid that just lacks the confidence to be a good player. He can play the game but he shy’s away from opportunities on the court. A bit passive but has a good shot and good ball handling skills. Along with being more confident, he just needs to continue to get stronger physically.”

Holmes has the tools to be a solid contributor on the court, he just needs to develop the confidence in himself that others already see in him. Continue to work on his physical presence on the court and become confident in his game and everything else could fall into place.

Areas of Excellence: Acceptance of criticism, ball handling skills, rebounding his position

Areas of Work: Confidence, Back to the basket moves, use of off hand, Consistent shooting, Becoming physically stronger

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