#5 Jake Emerson

“Jake is a very smart player. Plays bigger than he is. I love his attitude on and off the court. Listens well and will have a great season at his middle school.” – Camp Coach

Emerson showed tremendous skill in several areas, but his overall team play and attitude towards the game were excellent. He displayed a nice range on his shot and shooting mechanics, knocking down the open shot. He also showed that he can penetrate the lane, had good ball handling skills, great vision and quickness on the court, all things that are needed to become a great player.


#35 Kyle Tate

“Kyle is a good player but needs to work better on his defense and following directions. Has to use his quickness better as well.” – Camp Coach

Tate showed that he had a good attitude and gave max effort while on the floor. He had a nice release time on his shot and his shooting mechanics were above average. He also had good footwork and quickness, just needs to use it more. He moved well without the ball but if he continues to work on his overall game, Tate could be one to watch.


#46 Cole Cates

“Cole is a very good shooter and he showed that at the camp. He has to work a little more to get open but when he does, watch out. I like his attitude and sportsmanship that he showed while at the camp. Just would like him to work more on his footwork.”

Cates showed that he can shoot the ball from anywhere on the court but there are things we would like him to work on with his release time and back to the basket moves. He did show that he is a capable finisher at the rim, has good quickness and vision on the court, but needs to work on his defense and rebounding. Overall it was a pleasure to have this young man at the camp.


#53 Machi Holt

“Machi has a good upside to him as a player. He needs to focus more when coach is talking and giving instructions though. He handles the ball very well and really excelled in finishing around the basket as well.” – Camp Coach

Machi had a great attitude and the effort was there. What really impressed our coaches was his range on his shot inside the arc and penetration ability. We would like him to work more on his defense on and off the ball, while working also on his back to the basket moves. He really did show at the camp that he could be a tremendous player down the road if he continues to work hard on and off the court.


#67 Eric Ammons

“Eric has a great basketball IQ and he showed that he can get to the basket with ease when he is determined. He also have excellent court vision as a player. He has the tools to be a good point guard at the next level if he continues to work. Was key in our comeback win after were down big in one of our games.” – Camp Coach

Ammons has the making to be a very good point guard. He excelled in areas such as quickness, footwork, vision and court sense, ball handling, passing skills, and team play. Ammons really showed us something at the camp and we will have our eye on this young man down the road. Continue to work on your overall game and the sky is the limit.


#136 Stefon Killeya Jones

“Stefon showed great court awareness when he was playing and also the ability to handle the ball. He made good decisions throughout the camp and I’m really looking forward to seeing what he can do down the road.” – Camp Coach

Stefon has the making to be a very good player and excelled in several areas including range of his shot, catch and shoot ability, release time, defense on the ball, footwork, and vision on the court. There are areas that he could improve on such as back to the basket moves and rebounding his position, but Stefon has a bright future ahead of him.


#141 Taylor Bell

“Taylor is a high motor kind of kid, never giving up. He is very strong and a good rebounder. He needs to work on his ball handling some more in traffic. He did show that he is a great finisher around the basket.” – Camp Coach

Taylor’s ability to penetrate the lane and finish at the rim really stood out to the coaches, along with his defense on the ball, quickness, and rebounding his position. He also had a nice touch on his shot and the mechanics are there. He was a team player all camp long with a great attitude.


#166 BJ Freeman

“BJ showed tremendous upside all camp long. He is very skilled around the basket. I was very impressed that he was able to step out and shoot from long range as well.” – Camp Coach

BJ was tremendous at the camp and gave max effort on both ends. He has the ability to knock down any shot from the floor and he is solid with his shooting mechanics. He was also one of the better overall defenders, using his quickness and footwork to disturb his opponents. Overall, BJ was a solid player in almost all aspects and he should be a tremendous player at the next level.


#181 Todd Thorpe

“Todd is very strong and has really good hands. He likes to play defense which is rare at this age. Played hard the whole day through and plays well on both ends of the court.” – Camp Coach

Todd was a pleasure to have at the camp. His attitude shined throughout the day and he played tremendous defense both on and off the ball. He also showed that he can create plays by penetrating the lane and finishing at the rim. Rebounding was another aspect of his game that was solid, to go along with his quickness and his back to the basket moves. Would like to see some more work with his shooting off the dribble.

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