No. 4 Amani Mock

“Amani was an absolute joy to coach. Although he is only 4’7, he plays with relentless effort and intensity. He shows no intimidation at all of playing against bigger and older guys. He is only in the 5th grade, but guarded the ball full court and gave opposing ball handlers fits. He showed that he was capable of knocking down shots, while also displaying good court vision. He is a great leader and teammate though and has a bright future as he continues to develop.”


No. 33 Nasir Stokes

Nasir showed a little bit of everything about his game and could translate nicely into a shooting guard as he further develops his game overall. He excelled in his shooting mechanics and quickness, along with his team play. His coach said “He seems to get to the basket when needed or a defensive stop when needed; consistent for four quarters.” Overall, Nasir was a great teammate with a great attitude and he has the potential to be a solid overall player.


No. 40 Parker Grant

“Parker was one of the top players on our team. A lefty guard who can play the point guard or shooting guard position. Al though he is a lefty, he played extremely well going to his right. Dribbled and finished with the right hand at a high level. He showed a lot of range on his shot and made several three pointers. A very talented player who once he gets stronger will be tough to defend. An intense defender.”


No. 54 Glenn Bynum Jr.

Glenn played tough all throughout the day and excelled in several areas such as ability to finish around the basket, defense on all ends, footwork, and quickness. “He scored mainly in transition, either off steals he created or from running the floor,” his coach said. Overall, Glenn had a successful camp and he played well around the basket. He is a lefty guard that has a great attitude and leads by example.


No. 100 Ethan Mouzon

Ethan had a great attitude towards the game at the Junior Phenom 150 and it translated to his teammates. “Ethan is the kind of player every coach wants in their program,” his coach said. “He doesn’t have a true position yet but his positive attitude was very contagious. He is scrappy and plays hard on both sides of the ball. He did knock down some jump shots, had a couple of good steals, and passed the ball well, while also defending hard.”

Ethan is a “Glue” guy and he is the kind of player you keep in a program for four years.


No. 104 James Wilkins

James is a deceptive player and when he wants to turn it on, he can excel in several areas. He had great shooting mechanics, penetration ability, ability to finish, ball handling skills, and his vision was exceptional. “He is a play maker. He can create space with his dribble to score or to set up teammates. He is a crafty ball handler.” James is a player and should be one to keep an eye on down the road.


No. 134 Quentin Johnson

“Quentin Johnson is an outstanding ball player. He has a point guards handle with the scoring ability of a shooting guard. He was probably our best all-around player. Extremely quick with the ability to get to the basket or knock down shots from the outside. He is the kind of player you want give the ball to when you need a play to be made. He defends well and takes pride in his defense. He could certainly be a future point guard or shooting guard for a program for four years.”


No. 148 Amarion Turner

Amarion was solid in several areas such as his range of shot inside the arc, his back to the basket moves, his ability to finish, his footwork, and the ability to rebound. His coach had high praise for this young man, saying “Amarion played well in all three games. He plays very well and strong in the post. When he posted, he was very strong and finished well around the block, while showing his ability to knock down some outside shots.”


No. 179 Seth Morton

Seth is a player with a lot of potential. He is a big guy with at 6’0 and he has a good skill set to work around, especially around the basket. His coach said “He is a very good athlete and he gets good position on the low block and finishes around the basket.” This young man has the ability and talent to be a very good post player down the road and if he continues to develop his overall game in several areas, could be one to watch.

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