Team 3: Jarmel Baxter

No. 102 5’6 ’21 Jaquarius Simon (Orangeburg, SC)

Jaquarius is blessed with quickness, speed and athleticism. He has the physical attributes to become a really good player. Jaquarius is best at attracking the rim and putting constant pressure on the opposing team with his ability to get into the lane. In addition, Jaquarius has an opportunity to be an outstanding defensive player. He has good natural instincts along with raw natural ability.


No. 129 5’8 ’20 Tyler Gill (Raleigh, NC)

Tyler made a quick and early impression on us. He has good speed and dazzled us with his effort and energy. While able to score with ease, Tyler was effective with his passing and team play. He’s a “do it all” type player that will make a name for him for many years to come. It’s great to see such a talented young player that “gets it” and has a great attitude to boot. Very refreshing to say the least!


No. 143 5’9 ’22 Jaden Bradley (Concord, NC)

Only a sixth grader, you will probably hear his name a lot for many years to come. Jaden combines good athleticism and an advanced skill set for his age/grade. Simply stated, Jaden is very skilled and it’s hard to think he is so young. There were not many things he could not do even against the 7th and 8th graders at camp. We’re not into ranking players at the middle school level, but he is definitely one of the better players in his class in the state. Really really good!


No. 162 5’11 ’20 Zach Bessette (Midland, NC)

Zach has good size and accompanying skill set. He is blessed with solid fundamentals and a high basketball IQ. Zach excels in a team setting and understands the importance of moving without the ball. Zach also has good court vision and is a willing passer. He has all the intangibles that make him a fun player to watch especially with his team first approach and winning attitude.


No. 177 6’0 ’20 Yates Johnson (Fayetteville, NC)

Yates was another player that impressed us with his skill set and fundamentals for his age/grade. Already sporting a nice basketball frame, Yates displayed an excellent attitude and his effort was outstanding throughout the day. He rebounded the well and blended in nicely with the three-dribble run. Yates has good hands and runs the floor really well. He has all the tools to be an outstanding player.

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