Team 3: Jarmel Baxter

No. 3 4’6 ‘4’5 DeVaughn Brown (Cameron, NC)

DeVaughn was one of the youngest players in camp. He competed hard and showed a tremendous attitude throughout the day. More importantly, we were impressed with his all around effort and didn’t allow his size to be a detriment. DeVaughn gained high marks in his team play and overall knowledge of the game especially for his age/grade.


No. 39 5’2 ’21 Tyler Gary (Fayetteville, NC)

Tyler has good quickness and speed in the open court. While he had some moments on the offensive end of the court, it was his defense that was noticeable. Tyler played good “on ball” defense and got back in transition. Offensively, Tyler attached the rim and got into the lane repeatedly. It was a solid all around performance.


No. 41 5’2 ’23 Grady Whitt (Raleigh, NC)

Grady combined an advanced skill set and nice understanding of the game. We liked his effort, team play and ability to play in such a competitive event. Grady’s fundamentals were impressive especially for his age/grade. He did things well with the dribble and pass and moved well without the ball. Simply put, Grady has a solid all around game.


No. 96 5’6 ’21 Logan Higgins (Burnsville, NC)

Logan demonstrated a great attitude and willingness to work hard in the stations and all three games. He’s a blue-collar player that does a lot of the little things well and plays the game the right way. He was the perfect compliment to the three-dribble rule as he moved well without the ball. Logan gave maximum effort and showcased an all around skill set

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