Team 2: James Black

No. 124 5’8 ’20 Will Coble (Huntersville, NC)

Will has solid fundamentals and an advanced understanding of the game for his age/grade. That being said, we were impressed with his ability to knock down shots. He has a nice shooting touch with proper mechanics and technique. Coach Black stated, “Will is a great teammate and a great shooter. He responded well to constructive criticism and was a pleasure to coach.”


No. 128 5’8 ’20 Jase Ford (Fayetteville, NC)

Simply put, Chase is a “baller.” He brings a confidence and mature approach to the game. He impressed us with his combination of athleticism and skills that are hard to find at this age. Coach James Black said it best, “Chase can do it all. He’s a great teammate with a terrific attitude and tremendous basketball IQ. He makes players around him better and could track as a solid D1 prospect.”


No. 176 6’0 ’20 Harrison Grams (Charlotte, NC)

Harrison has the “360 All Around” skillset. We were impressed with his fundamentals and overall basketball IQ. For his age/grade, he simply knows how to play and has been well coached in all facets of the game. Coach Black stated, “Harrison moves well without the ball and good use of his off hand. He has a great attitude and can easily see him playing D1 basketball one day.”


No. 182 6’0 ’21 Hezekiah Williams (Orangeburg, SC)

Hezekiah has good size for his age/grade and his athleticism may be more advanced than his skillset at the current time. He had a great attitude during the day and played well without the team structure. Hezekiah has all the physical attributes that are needed. Coach Black stated, “This camp was an eye opener for what Hezekiah needs to work on. He has the potential to be a D1 prospect one day but will need to enhance his skill development, which is often common among young players. “

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