No. 20 4’11 ’20 Joseph Gelm of Apex, NC

Gelm did an excellent job setting up teammates to get easy baskets. He has a high basketball IQ and knows when to pick his spots. Defensively, Gelm is very advanced for his age. He showed the ability to keep his man in front of him throughout the day and also was excellent in team defensive principles. The next step in his development is to become more vocal on the court as a PG. He has the right ingredients and intangibles and his attitude and team first approach was very appealing.


No. 23 5’0 ’23 Delani Hammonds of Charlotte, NC

Hammonds was one of the younger players in attendance. That being said, he did an excellent job of pushing the ball in transition. Hammonds was able to find spots where he could score against bigger and older players. He has a knack for getting into the paint and making things happen. IN addition, he was a pesky defender and neutralized his size with constant ball pressure. The next step in his development is to enhance his offensive repertoire such as a pull up jumper and floater.


No. 44 5’3 ’20 Justin Cannady of Cary, NC

Cannady demonstrated an outstanding attitude and gave maximum effort throughout the day. He has a high basketball IQ and played well within the team structure, especially moving well without the ball. Cannady did a great job throughout the day of picking his spots offensively and knocking down shots in space. In the future, Cannady will need to continue to fine-tune his perimeter skills such as ball handling and creating his own shot off the dribble. Currently, Cannady is excellent in the catch and shoot situation.


No. 81 5’6 ’21 Christian Niles of Summerfield, NC

Niles did a tremendous job of breaking his man off the dribble. He has zero problems creating his own shot off the bounce. He has long arms and has the potential to be an outstanding defender, but will need a little more effort. Currently, the game comes easy when he is attacking the rim and scores often in these situations. However, for his long-term growth, we would like to see him develop additional range, which will only enhance his value and stock to his team.


No. 87 5’4 ’21 Clay Hodges of Taylorsville, NC

Hodges played excellent defense throughout the day. He was an absolute “pest” on the ball defensively and was one of the camp’s most intense competitors. Hodges has tremendous ball handling and passing abilities. He’s a past first PG that picks his spots for open jumpers. He’s best scoring in a catch and shoot situation. The next step in his growth is to develop a quicker release due to his size. More importantly, Hodges is a winner! He plays hard and competes and is a teammate others enjoy playing with.


No. 119 5’7 ’20 Kurtis Taylor III of Raleigh, NC

Taylor is the ultimate competitor. He competed extremely hard on both ends of the court. He rebounded well for his position and showed the ability to be a solid defender throughout the day. Taylor has good shooting mechanics and range. In the future, he will need to continue to work on his ball handling which will allow him to make more plays off the dribble. This will give him more offensive versatility and will ultimately make him more valuable as a player.


No. 158 5’10 ’20 Callin Randolph of Burnsville, NC

Randolph is simply a baller! He makes plays for himself and for others. He has excellent court vision and an advanced basketball IQ for his age/grade, which will allow him to be successful. Randolph does a really good job of changing speeds and is deceptively quick. He repeatedly got where he wanted and continuously made the correct read and right play. Defensively, he is tough and active which allows him to control his man. The next step in his growth is to work on a consistent perimeter jump shot.


No. 159 5’10 ’20 Luke Stankavage of Charlotte, NC

Stankavage played at a high level throughout the entire day. He has a lot of talent, but even a greater motor. His motor and full throttle approach to the game simply set him apart from his peers. Defensively, he is a pest not only on the man he is guarding but the entire team. He just makes possible things happen for his team. We were impressed with his court vision and ball speed. He is a passer friendly guard that always has his head up surveying the court for open teammates. In the future, Standavage could be more aggressive in creating his own shot off the dribble just to keep the defenses honest.


No. 192 6’2 ’20 Jordan Williams of Greensboro, NC

Talk about a big time motor! Williams has a motor the Energizer Bunny would be proud of. He goes all out and this allows him to rebound aggressively on both ends of the court. Williams has a nice face up game up to 15 feet and excellent quickness that allows him to take defenders off the dribble whenever he chooses. Williams has an abundant of intangibles and attributes that will make him a special player at the next level provided he continues to work hard and put in the time!


No. 196 6’3 ’20 Jared Porter of Chapel Hill, NC

Porter did a phenomenal job of shooting the ball throughout the day. He has nice size and a high basketball IQ that allows him to be successful on the court. We were impressed with his ball handling and passing skills for his size/position. He can take his man off the dribble with relative ease and his footwork in the paint is remarkable. Porter is oozing with upside and potential and the biggest obstacle for Porter is to challenge and push himself to be the best he can be!

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