No. 13 4’9 ’23 Michael Depasquale of Cary, NC

Depasquale was one of the youngest and smallest players in attendance, but don’t let that fool you. He was one of the toughest players in camp regardless of age/grade. He showed so much grit and determination that was advanced beyond his peers. We were really impressed with his ball handling and passing abilities. His court vision is so advanced and if he continued to put in work, he has the potential to be a terrific young player. It’ refreshing to see such a young player have such an impact on his team. He definitely makes his team better. Floor general deluxe!


No. 31 5’1 ’21 Jalon Robertson of Greenville, NC

What Robertson lacks in size and speed, he more than makes up for it with heart and effort. He also demonstrated an outstanding attitude and basketball IQ throughout the day. Robertson picks his spots nicely on the offensive end of the court and exhibited the willingness to play tough man-to-man defense. So many times, playing good defense is about effort and energy and Robertson did exactly that. Offensively, Robertson did a nice job of scoring without the framework of the offense.


No. 49 5’3 ’21 Jacob Rosen of High Point, NC

Rosen’s ability to shoot the basketball is definitely his calling card. He is excellent in a “catch and shoot” situation especially once he gets his feet set. In addition, he showcased the ability to create his own shot off the dribble and be consistent throughout the day from the perimeter. Rosen demonstrated a great attitude and team first approach to the game. We were impressed by his ability to take and hit good open shots. The next step in his maturation process is to develop tougher on the ball defense, which will come with maturity and additional strength.


No. 64 Jalen Swilley

Swilley has excellent speed and quickness. He has tight handles and the ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates. While not the biggest player, he more than makes it up with his hustle and effort. He plays with a big heart and we were just impressed with his over determination. In addition, he played solid defense and did many of the little things that often go unnoticed. The next step in his development is to become more self-confidence in his abilities.



No. 91 5’5 ’22 Jesse Reaves III of Charlotte, NC

Whether on the offensive or defensive end of the court, you can always count on Reaves to make positive things happen. Offensively, he is constantly in attack mode and once he gains steam going down hill, it’s all over. In addition, he uses his athleticism nicely and causes many deflections and disruptions on defense. We were impressed with Reeves high motor throughout the day. He has the ability to score from all levels on the court and has a nifty midrange game. Just a sixth grader, Reaves has a tendency to get down on himself when he makes a mistake. That will change, as he grows older.


No. 139 5’8 ’20 Parker Tate of Clayton, NC

When you examine Tate’s game, there’s a lot to like. First of all, he’s a solid all around player. He can do so many things well on the court. He works extremely hard and plays with maximum effort on every possession. Tate has developed a nice midrange jumper and has the ability to score off the dribble. He has tremendous bounce and competes on both ends of the court. Tate is also a player that makes his teammates better. He can play multiple positions and has great versatility for his age/grade.


No. 146 5’9 ’20 Max Rogers of Waynesville, NC

We could nickname Rogers our “360 all around player.” For his size, Rogers does so many things well on the court. He has solid handles, good passing skills and the ability to play good team defense. He rebounded the ball extremely well for his size/position and has good anticipation for loose balls and missed shot opportunities. The one area of improvement is to fine-tune his perimeter shooting skills that will only enhance his stock and upside. Rogers has a willing attitude and work ethic to make his an effective and productive player.


No. 169 5’11 ’20 Christian Hampton of Greensboro, NC

Without question, Hampton is a special talent. The southpaw has remarkable athleticism and tremendous bounce for his age/grade. He is relentless in attacking the rim and uses his bounce to create easy scoring opportunities. More importantly, the “High Riser” finished above the rim constantly throughout the day. While Hampton excelled on the offensive end of the court, he was equally impressive on the defensive side, which is usually not the case for high profile players. If he continues to have the burning desire to work hard, he has the opportunity to be an elite prospect

at the high school level.


No. 183 6’2 ’20 Vernon Fraley of Raleigh, NC

Coach Obe Gray stated it best, “Vernon Fraley is a breath of fresh air. He’s a big who knows his identify and will be force to be reckoned with on both ends of the court.” We were impressed with his passer friendly hands and how he finished efficiently at the rim, even with contact. He’s a tireless worker on the interior and doesn’t mind mixing it up and banging for low postposition. Fraley is a two handed rebounded and makes nice outlet passes that start the transition fast break. In addition, he runs the floor well and can finish with either hand. Last but not least, we loved the way he hustled and competed on both ends of the court. He was an aggressive defender and took pride in his overall game.

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