NC Junior Phenom Exposure Camp
Team 7 Team Recaps

#26 5’ 2023 Keishaun Johnson of Columbia, SC
Johnson displayed a great attitude and gave great effort throughout camp. He is a good guard who is able to dribble, pass and shoot the ball well. He is very quick off the bounce, able to beat his man regularly off the dribble. Johnson has a nice jump shot, which complements his speed off the bounce nicely. Johnson played well within the team concept of the day.

#57 5’3” 2022 Sean Whitted of Durham, NC
Sean is a high energy point guard who makes each of his teammates better. He keeps his team up and passes to the ball well to the open man. He is able to beat his man off the dribble and gets to the rim to finish or dish to his open teammate. He also operates well in pick and roll situations. He is very active defending the ball.

#70 5’4” 2023 Zion Walker of Graham, NC
Walker is able to rebound, drive the floor and finish at the basket, he reminds us a little of Adrian Dantley in that way. He has great length and he has a great basketball build. Walker uses his strong body to make defenders bounce off him as he dribbles. As he works on his jump shot he has the ability to become a complete offensive threat. He rebounds the ball extraordinarily well at his size and has a great motor off the ball.

#90 5’6” 2022 Jalen Burnett of Rock Hill, SC
Burnett gave great effort throughout camp and as a point guard showed a great understanding of team play. He has a tight handle with a quick first step and ability to get into the lane where he either finishes at the rim or distributes to a teammate. Burnett’s camp coach stated, “Jalen is a very skilled point guard. He has great court vision and passing ability. He can beat his man to get a shot off or draw the defense and make a great pass.”

#102 5’6” 2022 Kamryn White of Arden, NC
White came into camp with a great attitude and really wanted to be coached. He is a real team player who has the ability to get into the paint and finish at the rim. He makes his teammates better on both ends of the floor. He plays hard in all aspects of the game and is a very coachable player. What really stood out about his game is that he plays really tough, very aggressive defense.


#125 5’8” 2022 Emanuel Richards of Irmo, SC
Richards is a multi-dimensional player who has a great attitude. He has a silky smooth hesitate and/or crossover dribble that helps him live in the paint. He finishes very strongly at the rim. He is able to rebound well for his position and he plays great defense, both on and off the ball. He has great court awareness and vision, hitting his players with great passes as they cut all over the floor.

#153 5’10” 2022 Nathaniel Stroman of Blythewood, SC
Stroman has a very strong and athletic basketball build and frame. He is a good athlete who has a lot of raw tools that help him produce. Stroman rebounded the ball well and he is a multi-positional defender with a great motor. As he continues to play the game and continues to work on his shooting and ball skills he has a very bright future. He has a determination to win and it is his drive that will push him to become a very good player.

#158 5’11” 2022 BJ Seabrooks of Knightdale, NC
Seabrooks came into camp with a great attitude and really took well in implementing the coaching provided to him. He is a good team player and possesses a high basketball IQ. Seabrooks is a very good passer as he always seems to find the open man. He is a very coachable player and made some great shots from the free throw line in. There no question moving forward that he will have hard work and dedication to the game.

#182 6’4” 2022 Luke Bracey of Rock Hill, SC
With great effort, great team play and an awesome attitude Bracey is going to make his future high school coaches very happy. As a 6’4” 8th grader he is very advanced as a player, with the ability to pass, shoot and handle. As he progress he has the potential to be a game changer. He has a great motor and he works hard on both ends of the floor. Bracey crashes the boards and rebounds strongly with two hands.

#187 6’5” 2022 Jake McTaggert of Hayesville, NC
McTaggers is a very fundamentally sound, very talented basketball player. He has an uncanny ability to finish around the rim and is a firm 2-handed rebounder on the block. At 6’5” and 215 as an 8th grader he has a very high motor. He attacks the basket and is able to rebound the ball and push the break. He has a huge upside, as he has not been playing basketball for every long, as a game changer. One who will make his future high school coach very happy.

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