NC Junior Phenom Exposure Camp
Team 6 Team Recaps

#17 4’10” 2023 Donevin Knight of Charlotte, NC
Knight came into camp with a great attitude and worked hard, giving great effort throughout. He displayed a high basketball IQ, with tight ball handling and passing skills. Knight also had good footwork and quickness which led him to be a solid defender both on and off the ball. Knight’s camp coach stated, “Donevin has a great handle, very crafty with the ball in his hands.”

#22 5’ 2024 Jalen Chunn of Salisbury, NC
Chunn is a great kid and proved to be a great teammate. He was a confident scorer at all levels, and best in catch and shoot situations. He was a solid ball handler with the ability to use both hands in traffic. As Chunn continues to grow, he needs to continue to work on his base of fundamentals, his mechanics are already sound.

#59 5’3” 2022 Percy Wyatt of Richmond, VA
Wyatt displayed a crafty and tight handle in both open court and half court situations. He was able to get into the lane often and displayed the willingness to be good in transition defense. Wyatt’s camp coach stated, “Percy has a crafty handle on the ball and his shot mechanics provide him a solid base with his jumper.”


#66 5’4” 2023 John Shearin IV of Greensboro, NC
Shearin came into camp with a great attitude, a willingness to learn and a fundamental base of basketball knowledge. He worked hard the entire day, displaying his basketball IQ on both ends of the floor. Shearin’s camp coach stated, “John is a solid all-around player and as he continues to grow his confidence should continue to grow as well. Good player.”

#92 5’6” 2022 Jamison Graves of Elon, NC
Graves displayed a quick release on his jump shot and a great understanding of team concepts, on both ends of the floor. He shot the ball well, with consistency from all levels with the ability to shoot off the catch or the bounce. Graves camp coach stated, “Jamison is an excellent teammate. As he continues to work hard, he has a very bright future in this game.”

#100 5’6” 2022 Cedrc Shelby of Blythewood, SC
Shelby gave great effort, on both ends of the floor, throughout camp. He proved to have a great attitude and understanding of team play. Shelby was a terror on defense, showing ability both on and off the ball and he used quickness and great footwork. Shelby’s camp coach stated, “Cedrc has a non-stop motor. He rebounds and defends at a high level; his athletic ability is his strong point. He was the best defender we saw today.”

#126 5’8” 2022 Isaiah Robertson of Fuquay Varina, NC
Robertson scored the ball well, at all levels, throughout camp. He displayed a great attitude and really wanted to be coached during camp. Robertson had a quick release with good mechanics and shot the ball well both off the dribble and off the catch. Robertson’s camp coach stated, “Isaiah shot the ball very well. He has good mechanics on his shot which enables him to be consistent. Robertson has the ability to become a player to watch.”

#154 5’10” 2022 Ethan Stutts of High Point, NC
Stutts came into camp really wanting to learn and taking to the coaching. He had a great attitude throughout the day. Stutts showed the ability get into the lane and he finished well when he was at the rim. Stutts camp coach stated, “Ethan is a great teammate and he showed a great handle, both when he was pressured and in the open floor. As he grows and gets stronger, his aggression will rise. Watch out.”

#157 5’11” 2022 Nolan Hodge of Greensboro, NC
Hodge gave great effort, on both ends of the floor, throughout camp. He showed the ability to shoot (and score) the ball at all levels with great shooting mechanics and the ability to shoot off the catch or the bounce. Hodge’s camp coach stated, “Nolan has a pure stroke. He shot the ball extraordinarily well all day. With his ability to score, he could have a very bright future.”

#183 6’3” 2022 Kheni Briggs of Concord, NC
Briggs is a physically imposing guard, with great size to go with natural strength and athleticism. He handled the ball well in all facets of the game, living in the paint and showing a crafty way to finish at the rim. Briggs camp coach stated, “Kheni was a man child today on the court. He can penetrate and finish with the best of them. His strength is slashing to the basket. Kheni has a chance to become a player known around the region.”

#186 6’4” 2022 Miles McClure of Franklin, NC
McClure competes on every possession, giving great effort and a non-stop motor. He is tough in the paint, man to man, and has great timing as a shot blocker. He even showcased consistent range beyond the 3-point arc. McClure’s camp coach stated, “Miles is the ultimate team guy. He moves well without and sets great screens. Miles also has a beautiful shooting stroke with range.”

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