NC Junior Phenom

Team 4 Evaluations

Coach: Bronal Gary

No. 5 4’7 ’24 Keith Small (Florence, SC)

Keith gives maximum effort on both ends of the court. He is engaged at all times and plays extremely hard. Coach Gary stated, “Keith is a great defender on and off the ball. He is a good offensive transition player and gets the ball to the basket. Keith is also good in the half court in getting his shot off especially for his size.” Keith averaged 7 PPG and earned one game MVP vote. He demonstrated an outstanding attitude and was a willing passer throughout the day.

No. 6 4’8 ’24 Ziyon Gamble (Florence, SC)

Ziyon is a great team player. We were impressed with his unselfish play and team first approach. Coach Gary stated, “Ziyon took what mostly came to him and did not try to force things. He gave great effort on both ends of the court. Ziyon was a willing defender and did an excellent job of keeping his man in front of him. He is at his best when playing in transition with or without the ball.”

No. 13 4’9 ’24 Asa Rogosich (Raleigh, NC)

It’s no question; you can easily see Asa is a son of a coach. He has excellent fundamentals, a high basketball IQ and simply understands the game. Coach Gary stated, “Asa moves extremely well without the ball and how to spot up for his shot. He has good mechanics and is a solid jump shooter. He can consistently knock down the midrange and beyond the 3-point line.” In addition, his court awareness is advanced for his age/grade. Asa is a hustle player who will get back on defense. Asa averaged a solid 7.0 PPG and earned a game MVP vote.

No. 14 4’10 ’24 Christopher Curry (Florence, SC)

Coach Gary summed it up best, “Christopher gave maximum effort. He played hard on both ends of the court; especially on defense (on and off the ball) He is a good transition player when he gets in the open floor. He is good at rebounding the ball for his position.” In addition, we were equally impressed with his ability to get to the basket with his dribble penetration. He has good handles and a passer friendly mentality.

No. 24 5’0 ‘ 24 Speedy Evering (Huntersville, NC)

With a name like Speedy, he must be fast, right. Without question, Speedy is very fast and quick and lived up to his name and reputation. Coach Gary stated, “Speedy is fast with or without the ball. When he has the ball, he is just a blur and has the ability to stop on a dime and change directions.” In addition, Speedy has all the physical attributes and intangibles to make him a special player. He can score from all levels and his pull up jumper off the dribble is so advanced for his age/grade. Speedy averaged 9.67 PPG and earned two MVP votes and made the ALL CAMP TEAM.

No. 27 5’0 ’24 Bilal Omar (Durham, NC)

Some of the best footwork of the day came from Bilal Omar! He utilized a bevy of offensive moves during the course of the camp. Coach Gary stated, “Bilal used pump fakes, up and under, inside /out dribble moves. Bilal can also find teammates, which he did repeatedly for open shots and played very unselfish. He bought in to the team approach and was a very good floor general and team leader.”

No. 47 5’2 ’24 Chance Gladden (Raleigh, NC)

Chance has an advanced basketball IQ for his age/grade. We were impressed with his court awareness and overall knowledge of the game. He simply knows how to play the game the right way. Coach Gary stated,” I don’t remember Chance ever taking a bad shot. He always plays within himself. He knows how to get set up for his jumper and shoots at a very high percentage.” Chance has a good midrange game and can step out and knock down the 3-point shot.

No. 48 5’2 ’24 Alexander Rechetniknov (Cary, NC)

Coach Gary summed it up best. “Alexander is a name to remember if he continues to work and get better. He has a chance to be really special. This kid can do things on the court that kids in high school can’t do. (A poised basketball player this young is astounding)” Overall, Alexander just has an advanced skill set. He can score from all three levels. He was really good with the midrange jumper, made 3-point jumpers and drove to the rim. More importantly, he is a team player and works unselfishly with his teammates. Alexander averaged 9 PPG and received two game MVP votes and was named to the ALL CAMP TEAM.

No. 71 5’5 ’24 Jermaurhiyun Anderson (Greenville, SC)

Jermaurhiyn is a strong, physical, athletic, and aggressive player. Coach Gary stated, “Anderson is so aggressive as a scorer and as a defender. He was the biggest guy on the team, but one of the best ball handlers as well. He could play multiple positions. Anderson played the PG position and also posted on in the post.” Overall, Anderson is just a great all around player for his age/grade. He also averaged 9 PPG and received two game MVP votes and was named to the ALL CAMP TEAM.

No. 75 5’5 ’24 Auvont Cobaris (Elgin, SC)

Auvont become to come on as the camp progressed. He gained confidence with each game. Auvont showed he could hit jump shots off the dribble, score in transition, and catch and shoot the 3-point shot. We were impressed with his work ethic and especially his effort given on the defensive side of the floor. In addition, he rebounded the ball well and ran the floor very well. The next step in his long term development is to work on ball handling and moving without the ball.

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