NC Junior Phenom

Team 2 Evaluations

Coach: Brian Allen

No. 3 4’6 ’24 Nicholas Worsler (Florence, SC)

Coach Allen summed it up best. “Nicholas made decisions on the court that made him look like he had been playing the game twice as much his age. Meaning he played like a veteran with his choices and leadership.” We were also impressed with his maturity and encouraging attitude throughout the day. Nicholas played with intensity and moxy. He demonstrated excellent passing ability and was one of better point guards in attendance regardless of class. Coach Allen also stated, “Nicholas is the energy that motivates his teammates.”

No. 8 4’8 ’24 Landon Wilson (Florence, SC)

Coach Allen stated, “ Landon is a kid that I love to coach because he drives teams crazy with his ability to wiggle through defenses. He has the ability to drive to the basket to score or pass it off to his teammates. Landon has range on his shots and shoots it with confidence. On defense he is not afraid to dive in and sacrifice himself.” Overall, Landon is an energy player and plays with intensity. He has the right attitude and understands the importance of team play. While most players worry about scoring, Landon was more concerned about playing hard and winning, which is extremely rare for someone so young.

No. 11 4’9 ’24 Zehren Hilton (Charlotte, NC)

Coach Allen stated, “ Zehren is a sleeper for opponents. His ability to play with maturity and confidence at his size as a smaller guard shows you he has no fear. He exploded out in his play level the last two games. I loved his aggressiveness on offense. The thing even more impressive is his defensive game.” Overall, Zephren displayed the ability to make an impact on both ends of the court. He avarged 7.7 PPG and was earned two game MVP votes to make the All CAMP Team.

No. 18 4’11 ’24 Jamarie Brown (Effingham, SC)

Coach Allen stated, “Jamarie has the court vision of a general. He made Magic Johnson type passing moves and he terrific footwork attacking the basket. Jamarie attacks the basket, but has the ability to still see his teammates. He has strong leadership and defensiveness aggressiveness.” Overall, it was a good outing for Jamarie. He averaged 7.7 PPG and earned a game MVP vote for his play.

No. 31 5’0 ’24 Jayden Wingate (Darlington, SC)

Coach Allen stated, “Jayden does a tremendous job being a team motivator. He was very vocal but backs it up with demonstrating how to play. He grabbed some major rebounds during the game on both ends of the court.” In addition, we were also impressed with his high motor and never quit attitude on the court. Jayden averaged 8.3 PPG and earned two game MVP votes to make the ALL CAMP TEAM. Without question, Jayden has built a solid foundation and just needs to continue his work ethic to be successful

No. 41 5’1 ’24 Harrison Peatross (Raleigh, NC)

Coach Allen stated, “Harrison for his age is very advanced 6th grader. He has a high basketball IQ and one of a high school player. I love his confidence and passion for the game. Harrison has a unique combination of being a highly skilled passer and shooter.” Simply put, Harrison has a certain flair that is fun to watch. He can make no look passes and has the ability to see plays in advance. Harrison averaged 7.0 PPG and earned a game MVP vote.

No. 61 5’4 ’24 Kahmare Holmes (Charlotte, NC)

Coach Allen stated, “Kahmare used his long arms to position himself to grab rebounds and move around his opponent. He was able to move smoothly on the court and made razor sharp cuts to the basket for backdoor buckets.” We were almost impressed with his overall effort and team play. He scored on hustle plays and didn’t have to have the ball in his hands to make plays. He already has good athleticism, but his willingness to work hard on the court is a strong intangible. Kahmare averaged 7.0 PPG and earned one game MVP vote.

No. 68 5’4 ’24 Lennix Valarie (Florence, SC)

Lennix is a very athletic and explosive player for his age/grade. He has a quick first step and ability to finish at the rim. While Lennix is a solid scorer, we were equally impressed with his tenacity on the defensive end of the court. Coach Allen stated, “Lennix had the ability to make the step back jumper and is a triple threat position scorer. He has a knack for getting 50/50 balls and doesn’t mind mixing it up on defense. He made it difficult for the opposing player to score.”

No. 87 5’5 ’24 Tristan Thompson (Florence, SC)

For a young player, Tristan has a strong and study frame. He is blessed with good athleticism and speed. We liked his overall attitude and team first approach to the game. He played well within the team structure and was very unselfish. Coach Allen stated, “Tristan is a mismatch problem for teams. He can put the ball on the floor or knock down the open jumper. On defense, he has the speed to recover and also has the ability to make game changing plays.

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