NBPA Top 100 Live Updates (Wednesday): 12PM Slot

Lakers 117 – Celtics 98

Best Players I Saw

2025 6’5 Darius Adams

Adams was terrific in this game, really showing his overall offensive abilities in leading a balanced attack. Adams, who finished 13-for-20 from the floor for 31 points, scored effectively off the bounce, breaking down defenders, using his size and frame to his advantage, and not only finding ways to finish at the rim but also knocking down mid-range shots.  He showed his comfort level from behind the arc, though shots just didn’t fall in the game.  Adams is regarded as one of the top guards in the country, and he showed that with his ability to create and make things happen for himself.

Game Stats: 31 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists

2025 6’9 Jacob Wilkins

Wilkins is one that has consistently impressed when watching him on the court, but he may have had his best game that we viewed in this one finishing with 27 points and putting on a strong offensive showing. Of course the pedigree and background are there, but Wilkins is such an interesting prospect with his blend of length and size, his athleticism, and his overall feel for the game from a variety of areas on the court. Scoring in transition, attacking the rim, and also showing more of his perimeter game, Wilkins offers a lot overall on the court.

Game Stats: 27 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists

Other Players:

2025 6’7 Hudson Greer

Greer has been fun to watch grow up and develop as a prospect, and he was able to flourish on the court in this game. What makes him so effective is his ability to operate within the offense, have a team-mentality, but also make a variety of plays for himself to go along with his energy. Greer was able to get out in transition and finish at the rim, create off the bounce well, and knock down shots off the catch. But again, he didn’t take away from the team and played within what the offense was running. Stats: 18 points, 6 rebounds

2025 6’10 Oswin Erhunmwunse

A lot of times you see bigs that are looking to expand their game and show they can have more of a perimeter feel, rather than just understanding how to be a strong and forceful big man down low. Erhunmwunse was one that showed he understands how to be a physical force around the basket, embracing being physical and showing strong moves around the basket to finish. Really enjoyed his work ethic and his impact on the boards, as he has had a strong overall showing at the camp. Stats: 16 points, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks

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