NBPA Top 100 Live Updates (Tuesday): 10AM Slot

Houston Rockets 112 – Miami Heat 91

Best Players I Saw:

2025 7’1 Malachi Moreno

Moreno was something else to start the day, as the 7-footer really was able to showcase his entire package and impact on both sides of the ball. Though he stands at 7’1, he moves extremely well on the floor, running from rim to rim, operating well in the paint, attacking the basket in pick-and-rolls, but also comfortable from a variety of areas.  Moreno impressed me with his offensive feel for the game but impressed me more with what he did outside his offense. He excels well in attacking the boards but also protecting the rim. Even when beaten at times, he has terrific recovery in altering shots.

Stats from Game: 23 points (9-for-14), 15 rebounds

2025 6’3 Acaden Lewis

Lewis came out with something to prove to start the day, as he made his case for being the best player on the court. From what I saw from him, I believe this stock should only rise and more programs should be offering his way. Lewis was tremendous in his ability to create and make plays. Whether it was his ability to attack off the dribble, attack the basket with a soft touch and ability to finish over defenders, or really show off his vision and feel in delivering terrific passes. He was off the charts, and there wasn’t anyone that could stop him.  After what I saw, his ranking should go up from national media outlets.

Stats from Game: 23 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists

Other Player Notes:

2025 6’5 Brayden Burries

It was nearly two years ago when we first watched Burries and was impressed, and he has only continued to impress us with his game. When you break down his game, how smoothly he operates and sees the floor is impressive. Not too fast, not too slow, but just a great pace in making reads, creating for himself, scoring with a confident release, and making high IQ plays as well as using his size to be a versatile piece. Stats: 14 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists

2025 6’11 Tee Barlett

The big man was going to work in this matchup, using his 265-pound frame to operate and push defenders around but also impress with his footwork and decisive moves down in the paint. Barlett surprises you with how quickly he can make moves in the post. But he also can be physical on both sides of the floor through defenders. He was active and engaged, competed down low, and loved how vocal he was on the court in talking defensively.

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