These are the unsung guys, the winners that do the little things that every winning team needs. Gore is an attacking lead guard, Davis is a highly athletic forward, Funderburg is a skilled big.

All of these guys are college prospects, but more-so all of these guys are into winning. They each sacrifice their own numbers for the greater good of the team.

Let’s start with Jaylen Gore. Gore is a in his senior year. He has an understanding of his role and really is able to get downhill quickly on offense. Defensively he is in your face using quick instincts and length. At this point, schools are really dragging their feet on Gore. He is a scholarship point guard and schools should be in watching him consistently.

After watching him in the 2014 NC Phenom 150 we wrote, “Jaylen is another player that has been flying under the recruiting radar and may have the best understanding of the point guard position as well as any player inn the state. He is a true pass first point guard that has simply not gotten enough credit for his strong attributes as a playmaker. Coach Misenheimer stated, “Jaylen has a great ability to get to the rim with a quick first step. He is constantly talking on both ends of the court, but more importantly he knows how to control pace. He is exceptional in knowing when to push the ball in transition and when to slow it down.” Jaylen averaged just over 10 PPG but was also one of the leading assist guys in camp. Simply put, Jaylen is an extension of a coach on the floor. The next step for him is to get physically stronger which will help him negate his size at the collegiate level. He has all the other tools to be an effective playmaker at the appropriate level.”

Reggie Davis is a walking highlight reel. He is in the conversation as most explosive kid in the state, as every game he reels off dunks and blocked shots. He rebounds at a high level, defends multiple positions, and attacks from the wing. Keep the cameras rolling with him on the floor.

After seeing him in the 2014 NC Phenom 150 we wrote, “Reggie is blessed with extremely good athleticism and plays with an “in your face” approach on the defensive end of the court. We were impressed with his play on both ends of the court. He takes as much pride in his defense as his offense, which is very rare these days and that is saying a lot since he averaged 12 PPG. Coach Patton stated, “Reggie is an explosive wing with a mean streak on defense. He’s the type of player you win games with. He has a very strong frame.”

David Funderburg plays the center for this team, but has more of a mis-match four skill set. He has great vision from both the high post and low block. He has touch from the free throw line and the ability to attack off the bounce. Funderburg also has very passer friendly hands and solid footwork in the post. They can use him to both spread the floor and slow things down in the half court.

There is a reason Northwest Guilford is one of the favorites to make a deep run in the North Carolina 4A State Playoffs. They have the star talent at key positions, but they also have great role players. It just so happens that these role players are college prospects.

College coaches, keep your eyes open on each of these guys.

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