Name to Know
6’8” 2017 Jonathan Bryan of Carmel Christian (NC)
Jamie Shaw

It is rare a 6’8” kid comes out of nowhere, in Charlotte, and is a Division 1 prospect. 6’8” Junior Jonathan Bryan has done just this, well kind of.

Bryan has been home schooled up until this point. However, Jonathan and his brother (Ben) were home schooled in the Western North Carolina mountains. In fact, this year (his junior year) at Carmel Christian is the first year Bryan has played organized basketball.

So there is a little back story so you can better understand how a 6’8” kid can come out of nowhere, in Charlotte, as a Division 1 prospect.

After Bryan’s performance with Carmel Christian at the Phenom High School Jamboree Phenom Hoops National Analyst Kyle Ellis wrote, “Jon Bryan is a player that could really turn some heads this coming season. The 6’8” junior will play a very important role for Cougars HC Joshua Coley this year. He isn’t exactly the flashiest player, and he doesn’t necessarily have that “wow” factor that blows you off your feet, but Bryan’s athletic, smart, and determined for eventual success. His long frame and unique offensive skill set could cause some serious problems against the opposing competition. We’re beyond excited to see how this stud performs in Greensboro.”

Bryan is athletic and naturally strong. He rebounds his area very well with positioning and soft hands and delivers good outlet passes. On offense, Bryan is able to play the short corner and finish above the rim on dump off passes or he can step out and knock down the shot in pick and pop situations.

This situation is unique, but the high academic Bryan is a player Division 1 coaches should be in to see often.

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