Christian Brown

September 15, 2000

AC Flora High School, Columbia SC


6’7”/195 lbs


Interest from multiple power 5 schools

Christian is the son of Melody Davis who won two girls Class 2A state basketball championships at Columbia High School before playing college basketball at Voorhees College and Brevard College. She was a starter in the North vs South SC High School All Star Game in 1995. His uncle is former South Carolina Gamecock running back Mike Daviswho plays professional football for the Luebeck Cougars in Germany. His aunt, April Davis was a star basketball player at A.C. Flora HS and played in the first women’s professional football league as a wide receiver for the DC Divas. Cj credits a close knit, and loving family for all of his successes in the classroom, athletically and as a person.

What they are saying about AC Flora HS Hoops star Christian Brown:

From Phenom Hoop Report SC Top 80: A.C. Flora forward Christian Brown caught our eye in drills, so much that I wrote his number on my hand. As luck would have it we caught him in a matchup that pitted him against Juwan Gary on multiple sequences. This matchup was the key one I wanted to see and the young 2019 studs went at one another in a big way. Brown plays with more energy and that paired with the ability to sky and a shot that is adequate he’s got a lot of skills that scream at you. Really enjoyed his effort and ability to draw and take contact. Right now I don’t know if I’d try to pin a position on him being so young but I can say he’s a definite star if he continues to work on facets of his game during these next four seasons. I would expect him and Gary to be national level talents sooner than later. We’ll catch up with Brown for an interview this week to see which schools are showing early interest. – Kenny Fair II,

From Phenom Hoop Report National Recruiting Analyst Jamie Shaw: While he is the youngest player on the team, he is also perhaps the best basketball prospect in the entire state of South Carolina. 6’7” Freshman Christian Brown has special written all over him. He is gifted with easy athleticism put on a long, broad shouldered 6’7” frame. He has the ability to handle in the half court, the confidence to speak up in the huddle, and most impressively the work ethic to improve each time on the court. Brown works his tail off, and is a national level Top 100 type recruit. The sky is the limit for this one.

Up close and personal with Christian Brown
Q: You obviously have a close knit family and speak glowingly about them and their influence on you both on and off the court. How have their athletic successes helped you deal with all of the attention that is now coming your way and how have they prepared you to deal with it'

Cj: To be honest I just take life day by day realizing life is short so I try my best to live in the now because really for me that’s all there is.

Q: Most people hear and read about your athletic superlatives but you’re also a very good student! How do you prioritize academics and athletics with such a demanding schedule in basketball'

Cj: With this being my freshman year I am learning the importance of time management. I am on course to participate in the International Baccalaureate program my junior and senior year. So developing good study habits now are important. My mom has always said I was a STUDENT-athlete with more emphasis on the student aspect being more important. My dream is to go to college on academic scholarships as well.

Q: What is your favorite subject and why'

Cj: Social studies and ancient cultures would have to be my favorite because I like learning new things which happened in the past.

Q: Is your goal to play professional basketball'

Cj: Yes if given the chance.

Q: What are your career goals outside of basketball and if you don’t play basketball, what career do you wish to pursue'

Cj: Become a medical scientist.

Q: You played different sports and settled in on basketball, if you weren’t playing basketball which sport would you be playing and what position'

Cj: Football as a wide receiver or quarterback.

Q: What pushed you toward basketball'

Cj: Instincts, it’s in my DNA!

Q: Your Mom was also a star basketball player in high school before playing in college and coached you until you were in the 6th grade. I understand you were skeptical at first because she was the only female coach, tell us about that experience because she obviously did a great job!

Cj: It was weird at first because all the other moms were in the stands but when I saw the other coaches doing the same drills after we were done I was ok. Then other players were saying how they wish they had someone to work with them the way my mom did.

Q: What is it like at the dinner table after games, do you and your Mom ever talk about how you played and critique your performance'

Cj: Dinner table lol' Try before we leave the gym! She is showing me examples from how to pick and roll to the triple threat position and getting my hands out on defense!

Q: You see all of the news clippings, websites and hear all of the talk about you and expectations are high as you well know. How much do you pay attention to all of that and how do you handle the high expectations'

Cj: I just try to keep a level head about everything and keep things in perspective. It is fun though, I remember a couple of years ago, begging my mom to pay for me to get my own mix tape. She would say “Son trust me there is going to come a time where random people will ask you if they can do a mix tape for you!” lol.

Q: When did you start dunking the basketball'

Cj: In my 7th grade year Coach Marvin Chattman had me dunking a tennis ball to help me build my confidence then I dunked a volleyball but the day I actually dunked a basketball I knew there was no end to my imagination and what I could do on the court as long as I tried my best.

Q: What areas of your game do you want to focus on most while in skill development'

Cj: Defense, shooting and ball handling…

Q: Off the basketball court and while with friends what activities do you enjoy'

Cj: Movies and hanging out at the mall.

Q: You’re still young, 15 years old, but you’ve been exposed to a lot of media attention and have already developed a fan base. What advice could you give to other players about dealing with the attention'

Cj: Do not let all the attention go to your head. There is always room for improvement!

Q: The recruiting process is already underway. Obviously there are a few years to go before you have to make a decision on where you want to attend college but what are you looking for in a college'

Cj: Education foremost with a respectable research and development program that has the technology to keep up with changing times.

Quick Hitters with Christian Brown:
Who is your favorite athlete' Kevin Durant

How do you prepare mentally for a game' Meditation

What is your favorite food' Pizza

Who is your favorite musical artist' J. Cole

What is your favorite movie and television show' Space Jams and Family Guy

Who is your favorite or most inspirational person in American history and why' Tupac because of his cultural beliefs and passion to help his community.

What is your favorite pastime outside of basketball' Relaxing

Do you have an inspirational or favorite quote' Fear exists only in the mind and I am the creator of my reality.

When you speak to younger kids who watch you play and want to meet you, what advice or words of wisdom do you pass along to them' There is life after basketball! You’ve got to get an education so you can create whatever reality you desire. Live life as if your dying so there are never any regrets!

This was really a fantastic interview to do. Christian and his Mom are so welcoming and outgoing. I am impressed with the closeness of their relationship and it’s no wonder Christian shows so much maturity and intelligence in his responses. He is very bright and personable and I was thoroughly impressed with Cj and his mother Melody, they are wonderful people!

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