You should already know this name, however if you have not heard of 6’6” freshman Joey Baker, you have now. Baker is a consensus Top 25 player in the 2019 class and makes waves everywhere he goes with his elite explosion.

After watching Baker in the Dunk Dog All American game, Phenom Hoops Analyst Rick Lewis wrote, Joey wowed the scouts in attendance, camp coaches and staff at the CP3 Rising Stars camp. He has a complete game and has a unique combination of athleticism, size, and skill set that is not often seen at his age/grade. More importantly, he is such a humble and grounded young prospect.”

Baker is now being recruited by all of the major players, with ACC making it by his gym on numerous occasions. Baker has picked up early offers from Charlotte and Western Carolina. These offers came before he stepped foot in the 9th grade.

After watching Baker in this same Phenom’s Millbrook Showcase Phenom Hoops Analyst stated, “6’5 8th Grader Wing Joey Baker – Yes, Baker is an 8th grader, as in not yet in high school. Yet he has started for this varsity team. Baker has a good frame, explosion, and a high motor. He’s Next In-Line.
Other Committed Seniors.”
That’s right, Baker started on varsity as an 8th grader.

Baker is athletic, explosive even. The mix tape guys will need to keep their cameras rolling any time he is on the court. However, he is so much more than just a dunker. He is skilled, with range going out well beyond the arc. He can put it on the floor, and attack from the wing. Baker isn’t afraid to mix it up on the boards and plays defense with a purpose.

North Carolina’s 2019 class will end up as the best in the state’s history. It may end up being the most talented state in the country, for that class. It is one for the ages. With that said, Joey Baker is at the top of the list, and will stay there.

With Dennis Smith graduating in December, as we said last year, Joey Baker is “next in line”.

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