No matter how far under the radar he remains, 6’3” James Reese continues to go out and perform, like a D1 prospect should.

After watching his performance with the South Carolina Kings, at the Phenom Summer Havoc, the AC Flora High School junior picked an early offer from North Carolina A&T. This is the first offer of many more that should come down the pipeline.

Reese is a very good athlete, with great length and sneaky size. Defensively he is able to play bigger than he is because of his instincts and length. Phenom Hoops National Analyst Jamie Shaw wrote, “6’3” Junior James Reese is explosive. He has good wing handle, good pull up touch, and could be a lock down defender.”

So far, this season, Reese is averaging 19 points per game. His defensive abilities kick-start a lot of his offense. However, in the half court he plays with a good pace and has great touch on his jump shot. Over the summer says he has worked hard on his mid-range game. You can see easy development, especially with 1-2 dribbles to the left.

Reese is a very productive two-way player. He is one that local and regional Division 1 schools should start to take a heavy interest in.

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