Player: Amari Lee

Class: 2018

HT: 6’1,150 pounds

High School: Heritage High School, Newport News VA

AAU Club Name: Tribe Elite AAU

AAU Coach Evaluation: One of the most skilled offensive players I’ve ever had the pleasure of coaching. He makes difficult seem effortless. Great intelligence for the game, he truly loves it, but not just the game, the process. Awesome person who has yet to reach his full potential. His shooting, ball handling, and passing, are all high level and he is now even working on a becoming a better defender. I’m so proud of him, and I keep telling him, it’s his time to be great. He should be player of the year for 2017-2018 season! – Kashif Johnson,TribeNation Basketball Academy

Coach Frank says: Amari competes on both ends of the floor, his great energy and athleticism and the way he impacts games on both ends really stands out. He is capable of playing either guard position as he handles the ball very well and is an excellent passer with vision and a high IQ. Amari is a scoring threat at all levels as he has three point range on a very good jumper and can also score off the stop and pop or going to the rim. He is shifty and explosive as he attacks the rim and remains a solid passing threat on the drive, head up always looking to advance the basketball. Amari is a scrappy defender, has a nose for the basketball and defends with great energy. He rebounds the basketball surprisingly well for a guard and given his size at 5’11 and growing, but he is strong and bouncy and fights for possessions. Amari makes teammates better and he sets the tone with his energy and enthusiasm. He is a playmaker capable of pouring in points yet is unselfish and a willing passer, he elevates the play of his team! His coaches speak highly of his work ethic and the high level of energy and effort that he brings to the game is also the energy and effort he brings to the practice court! Coaches should take note; Amari is a next level talent and is one of the 757’s most difficult defensive assignments.

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