Here are some more prospects that really showcased their talent on Day 1 of the Southern Jam Live in Greensboro

6’2” 2018 Cooper Robb
Tennessee Bobcats (TN)

Robb was spectacular throughout the game, in fact he finished with 14 assists to only 1 turnover. Robb has that ball on a string, with the ability to get wherever he wants on the floor and the vision to deliver on time. Robb showed the ability to score the ball with a smooth looking jump shot, but it is his ability to run a team that should have D1s salivating.

6’ 2019 Raishaun Brown
Team Vision (NC) 17s

Brown was spectacular throughout the game. He has a tight handle that enables him to get where he wants to go on the floor. He has deep, consistent range to go along with the ability to get to the rim and finish through contact. Hampton really liked what they saw and rightfully so, he can really go.

6’10” 2018 Jaylen Gainey
Team Felton Elite (NC)

Gainey came into the event already carrying 11 D1 offers. He showed why on Day 1. With the likes of Charlotte, Marshall and VMI sitting courtside, Gainey showed a consistent toughness. He attacked rebounds with 2 hands, blocked a handful of shots and even dunked on 2 kid (separate occasions). This is a new found Gainey and he is rapidly making strides toward the next step. Mid to mid plus programs should watch.

6’10” 2021 John Butler
Team United (NC) 2021

Playing up 2 age groups, but displayed a tantalizing skill set that will leave high majors exited. He finished with 8 boards and 11 blocked shots and displayed touch out to 18’. Butler, only an 8th grader, is incredibly coordinated and runs the floor like a gazelle. Watch closely, like we said before, high majors need to firmly place him in their SIM card.

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