He’s only been in the United States for two years, but 6’8” Jakub Mijakowski is adapting pretty well. He is tucked away in Grundy, Virginia at Mountain Mission School. It is a tiny town in the mountains of West Virginia about 10 miles from West Virginia and 10 miles from Kentucky.

Mijakowski, naturally from Poland, wanted to come over and play basketball. Go to college and better himself. Adapt to America he already has. As an English Second Language (ESL) kid he has taken the SAT already where he scored a 700 in math and 550 in reading. He has high academics and will look to explore that at the next level.

He was first brought onto the scene at the Virginia Top 80 in March. Where he joined team mates Maciej Bender, Jethro Tshisumpa, and Harold Baruti in facing off against the 80 best players in the state of Virginia. After his eye-opening performance at that event, we wrote, “No doubt about it, Mijakowski is a sharp shooter. He has good size and does a great job getting open and getting his shot off. Mijakowski also showed the willingness to mix it up on the glass. Mijakowski’s Camp Coach Ty White stated, “Jakub displayed a good feel and court IQ. He’s very unselfish and willing passer with court vision.” As Mijakowski continues to mature, we would like to see him develop his ability to score off the dribble.”

The very first game we saw Mijakowski play was at the beginning of last year. During that game he made 7 3-pointers and finished with 27 total points. Not only is he a 40% 3-point shooter for the season but he also has a 4.0 GPA. Mijakowski is much more athletic that what initially meets the eye (as evidenced by the dunk contest video above)

Currently Albandy, Bucknell, and Princeton are involved with Mijakowski. However, with this kids size, academics, and ability to not only compete, but shoot the leather off the ball, we feel that much more will be coming his way in short manner.

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