A true back to the basket post is a dying breed. When you can find a kid that is comfortable sitting on his man in the post, and then has the feel of what to do with the ball once he finds it, it can be a priceless commodity.

Let me introduce you to Mac Brydon. While Brydon may not pass the initial look test, he is certainly someone that passes the play test. Brydon is a true back to the basket big that has no qualms sitting in the post. He knows who he is, and he goes in the gym every day to work on his craft. And passing the ball, phew Brydon can really whip it around!

Two years ago, Brydon experienced a semi-breakout year, when he averaged around 14 Points and 9 boards per game. However, it was for a Carmel Christian team that won only one game all year. Last season, a lot changed.

First off Brydon took conditioning seriously. He dropped 50+ pounds for the season. Where in his sophomore season Brydon could not consistently make it up and down the floor. Last year, Brydon has occasionally beating his man down the floor. With his new found conditioning, he also was able to establish better position, longer, and rebound at a better clip. During Brydon’s Junior year, he averaged 15 points and 10.5 boards per game.

At this point in the game, Brydon’s offense is ahead of his defense. He has phenomenal hands, catching everything that comes near him. He has good footwork, and takes his time in the post. As his weight continues to tighten, his hips also continue to loosen. However, the most exceptional part of Brydon’s game is his ability to pass. In a one on one situation, Brydon is able to score. If double help comes, Brydon is able to find the cutter and make a skip pass to the open man.

Brydon has had to sit out with a concussion since January, so he is itching to get back. This year, Brydon has made visits to the likes of Mercer, Richmond, Princeton, and many more. He is a high academic student, and stands at a legit 6’10” and 300 pounds.

This July and season are big for Brydon. While he currently does not have any offers, they are sure to come. With his devotion to his conditioning, his high academic standing, and the way he is able to pass and score the ball Brydon will have many colleges looking his way.

See Brydon play next at the Phenom Hoops Summer Jam on June 6 with his Carmel Christian High School team.

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