Now that we’ve reached the month of July, basically every game represents the opportunity for players to be seen, evaluated, and offered by college coaches. While this notion is more applicable to seniors, several juniors and multiple sophomores will inevitably put themselves on the radars of next-level programs. Over the next few months, we will take a closer look at various players who should warrant attention as scholarship-level prospects. The intent of this article series is simply to provide breakdowns of guys who coaches should know about. We will start by looking at Bryson Cowan of United Faith Christian Academy.

It takes about one glance to notice that Cowan has incredible size. Not only does he possess a legitimate 6-foot-10 frame, but it’s accompanied with long arms and quality strength. Cowan moves pretty well for a player of his size, both in terms of lateral mobility and when running the floor in transition. Offensively, he’s made clear strides. Cowan battles hard to seal opponents, secure deep position, and is capable of effectively finishing over his left shoulder. He poses a real finishing threat on lobs and putbacks while consistently attacking the offensive glass. Cowan also shows positive flashes as a passer and midrange shooter. On the other end, he’s a reliable defensive anchor who alters shots and routinely deters opponents from entering the paint. Cowan does a terrific job of controlling the glass, locating a guard, and beating his man down the floor in transition.

His overall game might not be as smooth as others, but folks can rest assured that he impacts the game with consistency. Cowan knows his role and plays to his strengths. He was a difference-maker last season for Northside Christian, but he should arguably be even more productive as a focal point with United Faith. Currently, Cowan holds an offer from Chicago State (received last June), yet it feels like his stock will only continue to increase going forward. There are definitely a lot of programs who can utilize his massive size, defensive presence, and low-maintenance offensive game.

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