The look test is a real thing. It is human nature to size up situations based on past experience in particular situations. Figure it safe to say that when first looking at Lincoln Charter’s Kody Shubert, he does not pass the look test.

First off, Shubert is a 5’11” rising sophomore. He is average size, very unassuming. He isn’t skinny, but he isn’t bulky just average. Shubert has a touch of acne on his face and isn’t overly athletic, again just average.

However, once the ball is tipped all that look test stuff goes out the window. It is all about the play test, and this is the test that Shubert shines with. Shubert is a flashy point guard, but is a point guard that doesn’t sacrifice fundamentals for flash. He almost always makes the right play, and has be ability to complete the play even if it has to have a little sauce on it.

Shubert has deep range, with a quick and confident trigger. He can shoot both off the catch and the pull-up. In getting to the rim, Shubert has a great change of pace that puts him in the lane when he wants to be. When he is in the lane, he delivers pin point passes to trail and short corner players.

Last season, for his 1A Lincoln Charter school that made it to the NCHSAA state final four, Shubert was a star. Shubert averaged 19 points, 5 boards, 4 assists, and 4 steals per game. These are great numbers for anyone, let alone a freshman on varsity.

In AAU Shubert plays for Team Charlotte, on the Under Armour Circuit. He plays up with the 16U group where he is the second leading scorer and the leading assist man on the team. Again, as a 2018 kid playing with the 2017 age group.

This previous weekend at the Phenom Summer Jam, Shubert did much the same. Playing on a sprained ankle (that forced him to sit out the first game), Shubert went through two games and averaged 18 points and 9 assists per game. He was able to live in the lane, and made three (3) threes per contest.

This kid is fun to watch, and as he continues to grow you will see his production continue to raise. His team should be a favorite to go to the NCHSAA 1A state finals this year, and it will be on the back of Shubert and his ability to pass the “play test”.

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