By: Kevin Moses

William DillonÂ
Twitter: @Will_Dillon35
Height: 6’4, 185
Class of 2025
School: Huntley High School, IL

Dillon is a solid triple-threat scoring option. He can knock down the three but his greatest strength is attacking off the bounce and finishing at the rim. Crafty and athletic gems can dazzle with some jaw-dropping moves. He has a little spring in his bounce that helps him elevate over defenders for good looks. Will has the strength to score effectively even through contact which happens a lot as the defense scrambles to slow him down when he is in attack mode. Runs the floor well in transitions With a nice IQ he can deliver some sweet passes. Will works hard on the boards and is a fierce defender. Beautiful shot release with the perfect follow-through. Will has set a goal to improve as a basketball player and a person while putting on such a performance it catches the attention of college coaches as he sets the stage entering his senior season.  Will plans to focus most on his strength and agility this offseason but will continue to elevate and perfect every part of his game. .The most motivating thing for Will this past season was not getting much playing time playing with 9 seniors and 9 juniors and a new coach pushes him to get so much better that he only sees the bench to rest. The adrenaline from the tipoff fuels the fire within as he knows it’s shown time and the hype of competition kicks in.  In this @VEAHoops Super 12 venue Will certainly proved the hard work he put in is paying off having a big impact in every single game and was huge in the games against two of the best teams in the entire showcase. He played with passion and purpose every minute he was on the floor. His energy was contagious. With strong ball handling he was able to score at will and clutch moments.Â

Jarek Kirk
Twitter: @_jkirk11
Heigh: 6’6, 185
Class of 2025
School: Warren Central, KY

Kirk was a high-energy athlete at the @VEAHoops Super 12 who went after every single rebound and made it look easy to score inside. Relentless on the boards. Played great defense. Jarek plans to work hard at developing more as a versatile scorer. Pushing to be a match-up nightmare inside and out. Jarek’s goal for the upcoming season is to help his team make a return trip to the State Tournament. Everyone doubted them thinking we couldn’t make it to state, but they did so why not prove the doubters wrong one more time with Jarek leading the charge? When people doubt him, it fuels the fire in him. Jarek is determined to be a positive leader of his young team. Installing them never let any play affect you, always stay positive. Jared is determined to be a mid-major D1. With his size, strength, and gritty play style to match all his other skills, it will be fun to see just how high he flies.Â

Jordan HogueÂ
Twitter: @Jordan_Hogue_11
Height: 5’10, 164
Class of 2025
School: Warren East High School, KY

Hogue is a tough, savvy combo guard who is fearless in attacking the lane and a strong finisher even through contact. But Jordan is a triple-threat scoring option. Always looking to make the right pass  Jordan is also a scrappy defender ready to take the challenge of guarding anyone before him with grit and tenacity and doesn’t mind mixing it up on the boards. Jordan’s favorite highlight of last summer’s AAU session was helping lead his team to win the 1st tournament of the year last year setting the tone and fueling them from that moment on. Jordan averaged 12 points, 4 rebounds, and 6 assists during last year’s run. But this year Jordan has come back stronger and impressively started averaging 17 points, 5 rebounds, and 7 assists per game and led his team to the semis in that @VEAHoops event this past weekend against some talented teams. playing for the Western KY Elite. Watching him battle fearlessly against much bigger players with continued success including a ruthless shot block. There was no backing down in him as he was determined to make a statement every single time. The biggest improvement in Jordan’s game since last year is to create his own shot better and turn up the heat on the defensive end. Jordan is determined no one will try to use his size as a disadvantage but making his defense and ability to score on anyone his strengths that no one can ignore. This little giant plays with so much heart and fire you doubt his confident swag to compete on any stage. Jordan’s goal going into this coming season will be to help his team win the district and make it to Diddle Arena to battle it out for a chance to make it to the State tournament and that means a chance to live every KY kid’s dream of playing in historic Rupp Arena. What sets Jordan apart is that competitive edge and fearless grit ready to take on anybody, anywhere. That is the fuel within Jordan that drives his success on the court. Jordan’s dream is like every athlete to play D1. But the reality of knowing just to have the privilege of playing any level of college basketball is a blessing he just will work hard for an opportunity. Jordan has intangibles in his game play you can’t teach but can change the tide of any game as an impact player.

Steven Tierney Â
Twitter: @StevenTierney_
Height: 6’2, 182
Class of 2025
School: Bethesda Christian School, IN

Tierney is a savvy athletic shooter who plays with high energy and a nonstop motor. Steven is very skilled and getting to his spots on and off the ball, just plain crafty. When his team needs a spark, Steven is right there to deliver a hustle play to fire them up. I witnessed this trait last weekend at the @VEAHoops Super 12. Steven was huge for the team I call “the cardiac kids” living on the edge with 4 tight games that were not decided till the closing moments. That shooting is one of his two greatest strengths. The other is lockdown D! The entire 23-24 season Steven defended the best player on every single team despite their size or position. Steven was hungry for the challenge of being that dude every single time. Steven fuels himself going into every game with that killer mentality knowing exactly what he has to do and attacking that every way he can.

Entering this AAU session for the Craig Porter Elite was to get better at his weaknesses while playing against the best talent possible and putting on a dominant show on both sides of the ball in the process. Steven wants to improve his point guard skills and raise his IQ to make game-defining plays effectively at the right moments. Steven also wants to develop into a more vocal leader facilitating the offense well understanding how to direct and run his team no matter what situation they might face and being that clutch impact dude when the game is on the line. I saw that when he nailed a big-time 3 while being fouled at a crucial moment that fueled the cardiac kids in a battle against one of the two undefeated teams in this venue. Stevens’ motivation from last season is understanding his potential and all the coaches seeing his potential pushes him to excel even more in his efforts to be the best he can be. With all the opportunities he has been given and all the people next to him just encouraging him to do his best every day. Steven’s goal for next season is to go out and lead. He wants to be the guy everyone can trust while leading class 1a is scoring. Steven also wants to lead his team as far into March as they can go. Steven has an incredible work ethic and is willing to do whatever it takes for a team to be successful as a great teammate, always putting in extra work, always having a learning mentality and an area of improvement. Steven will be the guy to guard the best player on opposing teams, make the game-changing plays, or be the leading scorer. Even when facing adversity or when things aren’t going well Steven likes to just reset, understand what’s going on, slow down, and attack in different ways. He likes to calm the team down and give them the next-play mentality because in the end we can’t change what happens and we just need to play through it.

Iyan BremerÂ
Twitter: @bjwitdahesi,
Height: 6’1 , 165
Class of 2025
School: Cleveland Heights High School, OH

Bremer put on an amazing show in that @VEAHoops Super 12Cam Jackson Showcase. Iyan was explosive off the bounce and proved to be a triple threat killa. This stud right here was unstoppable all weekend, no matter who he faced. Iyan was clutch and kept his team close in every game for Lincoln Elite His defense was huge down the stretch. As an athletic combo guard, being a slasher who can flat-out score is Iyan’s greatest strength. Playing with a chip on his shoulder Iyan feels like he has a little something to prove. With an edge Iyan made clutch shot after clutch shot.Â

This past season Iyan averaged 9 points,2 assists, and 1 rebound. Coming into this AAU session Iyan’s goal is to get offers. If he continues to perform at this high venue while focusing on getting to the tournament, I’m going to be stunted. When Iyan has made it his mission to be the best on the floor every minute and leave no doubt to all watch the show. After not winning as much the regular season is locked and loaded for a statement run. These are also the traits that I am looking for. Iyan has the gears to display crazy speed and skills in the open floor. LIn Going into next season Iyan’s goal is to finish his senior season on a deep run to a state title. The adversity he faced last season has fueled a fire within Iyan and made him hungrier than ever to reel off some wins, take a deep breath, and forget the last play. If Iyan continues to grind and elevate those nice skills to compete at a very high level. Stay tuned.Â

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