July’s Top Performances
Point Guards
By Jamie Shaw

What a July it was, Phenom Hoops’ was involved in some of the greatest events across the country. Over 650 college coaches showed up to view and dozens of offers were handed out to top performers. The word has spread as hundreds of teams, carrying thousands of players, came from 20 different states to perform on the nation’s leading grassroots exposure platform.

In this series we will recount some of the top performances, by position, we saw throughout July…Take note and enjoy

6’2” 2018 Cooper Robb Dishes 15 assists to 0 Turnovers in First Game
Tennessee Bobcats (TN) – Phenom’s Southern Jam

It was a totally dominating performance, without really having to score the ball. He proved to be no fluke, following up this game with an 11 point, 11 board, 11 assist performance showing himself as a high level point guard. This game came in front of Charlotte Head Coach Mark Price. A triple-double is impressive, but his 15 points and 0 turnover performance was staggering. The Kentucky native came into the event with only an offer from Presbyterian, he left the event having committed to UNC Charlotte.

6’ 2018 Maliek Wilcox goes for 40 in Final Game
Upward Stars York (SC) – Phenom’s Southern Jam

Wilcox is a known name around the South Carolina region. He is being heavily recruited by Presbyterian and South Carolina State. However, he wanted to make sure that every coach sitting baseline knew that he is a bonafide bucket. Wilcox averaged 30 points for Phenom’s Southern Jam, but it was his final game (a 40 point show) that solidified his spot on Division 1 recruiting boards…right where he should be.

6’1” 2018 Chris Barnette Outplays Higher Rated Guards, Consistently
NC Runnin Rebels (NC) – Phenom’s Stay Positive

Somehow Division 1 schools have still not offered Chris Barnette. It is an unbelievable situation as he played against the likes of multiple offer guards Rechon Black, Malik Johnson, Jomaru Brown, Coby White and Josiah James in Phenom’s Stay Positive Live. In those matchups Barnette averaged 22 points (4 made 3s), 7 assists, and 1.33 turnovers. There were over 200 coaches of coaches in the stands over the 4 days of this event, and still no offers. An absolute travesty, he has earned multiple Division 1 tenders.

6’7” 2019 Josiah James Proves to be a Top Prospect in Front of Hundreds of Coaches
TMP (SC) 17s – Phenom’s Stay Positive

James doesn’t play on a shoe circuit and is tucked away in Charleston, South Carolina. He remains one of the highest profile players that not many have seen. Well in Phenom’s Stay Positive he had head coaches from the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, SEC and others in to see him and he did not disappoint. In fact, during his final game James had 100+ coaches looking on and it was then that his light shined the brightest. One Power 5 coach stated, “If James played on a shoe circuit he’d be a consensus top 10 player in his class.” His performance here, had coaches talking that way.

6’2” 2019 Brenden Tucker Leads Game Elite 2019 to 17u Title
Game Elite 2019 (GA) – Summer Havoc Showcase

It was the semi-final game against the 1 Family program out of Florida that really sticks out. In that matchup Tucker went for 21 points, 7 boards, 6 assists and 6 steals in the win. It was a dominating type performance, one that puts you on the map. Tucker is a Top 150 type guard (probably higher) who should the target of numerous high major programs. They will be getting a guy whose mentality resembles that of a Russell Westbrook.

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