For various reasons patience is a key when it comes to prospects. Whether it be waiting for their skills to catch up to their athleticism, their body to catch up to their skills, or even their mentality to catch up to their age. Whatever the case, patience is key.

In the case of Jamez Rogers, his game developed early. The 6’6” Junior was physically developed and had the skills to support his early stardom. As a 6’4” Sophomore wing, Rogers averaged 16 Points, 5 Rebounds, and 4 Assists per game.

Also, during his Sophomore year, Rogers was named the MVP of the 4A state championship game. He led his Wando High School team, in the victory, with a game high 25 Points. It was an impressive 25 points, as he scored from each level with confidence. Being the youngest starter on either team, it was a coming out party for Rogers. This game is the one that took him from being a local name to a regional prospect.

Fast forward to his Junior year, Rogers struggled with the maturity aspect. He had some off the court issues to start the season. These issues, nothing huge but consistent, caused Rogers to be suspended from the team to start the year. Rogers Wando High School coach Dave Eaton stepped in and drew up a contract with Rogers. This contract stipulated he stay out of trouble and complete work, among other items. Rogers signed the contract, and upon its completion he would be able to return to the team.

Throughout the couple of months of the contract, Rogers passed his check-ins and showed up for work outs. He upheld his end of the contract, and was reinstated to the basketball team around Christmas. However, to be expected, when Rogers came back, it was a mixed bag of results.

On the one hand, since the team had been taken away from him he cherished his time there and stayed out of trouble. On the other hand, he was not in game shape and pressed. His performance was inconsistent and his body kept getting nagging injuries.

Rogers finished out his Junior year averaging double figures, but more importantly he passed his classes and did not get in trouble any more. It seems as if the light came on for Rogers maturity.

Fast forward to AAU season, where Rogers is playing with his normal Team Trademark Properties (TMP). As with the title of this article sometimes what you need is patience. Coming into the Grassroots Tip Off Classic, we knew Rogers is a highly talented player, but we were not sure which Rogers would show up.

Boy did Rogers show up! He is 100% healthy and rejuvenated mentally. He was front and center for every one of the TMP 16U team’s games, laughing and cheering. And on the court, Rogers was borderline unconscious. He averaged 24 points per game, he scored a game high of 32 and didn’t score less than 19 in game.

Physically, Rogers is a sturdily built, wide shouldered 6’6”. He has long arms that seem to reach all the way to his knees. Rogers has high level explosion which he looks to finish high above the rim at any given opportunity. Rogers is about as natural a wing scorer as there is in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Along with the aforementioned explosion, he has deep range, with a smooth quick release. He has a good wing handle and a solid mid-range feel.

Patience is key, as it can take time for everything to catch up with everything. It looks like everything is now on track with Rogers off the court. With the immensely talented wing, that is all he needs to have a big career moving forward. With an early offer from the Citadel, colleges need to make sure you get on the sideline to watch this one, he will help your program.

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