Indiana Top 80
Team 4 Player Recaps

#4 5’10” 2020 Jake Friel of Hebron HS (Hebron, IN)
Friel gave great effort from start to finish in the event. He has good vision and is able to touch the paint and finish at the rim. Friel’s camp coach stated, “Jake has very good court vision. He does a solid job of finding the open shooter off of penetration. He always looks to push the ball, he can shoot it in the mid-range. A physical defender.”

#15 6’ 2018 Elliott Gross of North Putnam HS (Roachdale, IN)
Gross displayed a great attitude and took real well to coaching. He has great footwork and vision and is able to finish well at the rim. Gross’ camp coach stated, “Elliot is a very solid player, nothing flashy but very efficient. He knows how to use his body to get to the basket. He has great footwork in the paint, around the basket. Elliott has great attitude and is a great teammate.”


#22 6’ 2019 Keith Rupert of Fortville HS (Mt Vernon, IN)
Rupert gave great effort throughout camp. Rupert showed to be a good scorer. He has great shooting mechanics and a quick release both off the dribble or the catch. Rupert’s camp coach stated, “Keith is a very good shooter, his range out to 22-23 feet with a quick release. He can shoot from 3 and is able to penetrate to find the open man.”

#33 6’2” 2020 Jeremy Baker of Kokomo HS (Kokomo, IN)
Baker came into camp with a great understanding of team play and team concepts. He is a strong guard who is able to get into paint and finish as well as rebound for his position. Baker’s camp coach stated, “Jeremy is a very physical guard. He uses a good first step and his strength to get to the basket. He defends well off the dribble and rebounds well for his position.”

#40 6’3” 2018 Austin Boucher of North Side HS (Fort Wayne, IN)
Boucher came into camp with a very competitive fire. He displayed a complete game, on both ends of the floor. He has good length and is a solid athlete, off the bounce he got into the lane often and shot the ball at a high clip from range. Boucher’s camp coach stated, “Austin is a very very good all around guard and a great communicator. He sees the floor exceptionally well and looks to push the ball when given the chance. He is a good athlete and knows how to use his speed, very good at changing speeds. Can shoot very well off the catch or the bounce.”

#52 6’4” 2019 Drew Comer of Greenburg HS (Greenburg, IN)
Comer came into camp with a great attitude. He was able to get into the paint often where he finished well at the rim and was able to display good court vision. Comer’s camp coach stated, “Drew is a good athlete with a quick first step. He runs the floor with a purpose and is able to get to the rim and finish. Because of his intensity and speed, he is a good defender. Great attitude and plays hard.”

#59 6’5” 2019 Jack Barrasas of Valparasio HS (Valparasio, IN)
Barrasas displayed a very high IQ, in doing all of the little things on the floor. He is a good rebounder for his position and showed good passing skills in getting his team mates involved out of the mid-range and post. Barrasas’s camp coach stated, “Jack has a tremendous IQ, he always knows where to be on the floor. He has a good middle game and consistently knocks down the 15 footer. Is a physical defender and because of his strength is able to defend guys in the post.”

#72 6’6” 2019 Max Pickel of North Putnam HS (Roachdale, IN)
Pickel really took well to coaching and playing within the team concept. He did most of his damage in the mid-range showing footwork and a very confident and quick release. He moved well without the ball and rebounded his position very well. Pickel’s camp coach stated, “Max is very skilled and is very good playing a pick and pop game. He has good court sense as he always seems to make the right plays. He has long arms and can be a very good perimeter defender. He wants to be coached and wants to get better.”

#79 6’8” 2019 Andrew Owens of Carmel HS (Carmel, IN)
Owens gave great effort and showed to be a great teammate throughout the event. He shot the ball at a high rate with deep range and great shooting mechanics. Owens showed to be a motivated defender and rebounder, especially at his size. Owens’ camp coach stated, “Andrew has great shooting range for his size as he shot the 3 off the catch and the dribble. He is solid playing with his back to the basket and strong enough to defend the 4. He has a great attitude and gave great effort.”

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