Indiana Top 80
Team 1 Player Recaps

#1 5’8” 2020 Colton Brown of Covington HS (Covington, IN)
Brown showed a great understanding of team play as well as the ability to score the ball. He was best in catch and shoot situations and really gave great effort both defending the ball and the wing. Brown’s camp coach stated, “Colton has deep range out to 30 feet. He is a good passer and ball handler. He sees the floor well and is able to get to the rim.”

#18 6’ 2020 Daniel Keller of Covington HS (Covington, IN)
Keller really responded well to coaching. He was able to get into the paint often where he finished well at the rim. Keller also showed the ability to defend the ball. Keller’s camp coach stated, “Daniel is a good driver of the ball. He gets low and can turn the corner often. Daniel is a good set shooter at 23 feet, he is long and a good athlete.”

#19 6’ 2018 Quinn Moffitt of Triton Central (Indianapolis, IN)
Moffitt came into camp showing to be a very good shooter. He was able to score the ball at multiple levels with a quick release and easy mechanics. Moffitt’s camp coach stated, “Quinn has deep range on his jumper and can hit it consistently from 25-27 feet. He has a very quick release and can get hot very quickly. Quinn is able to step off the bench and light it up right away.”

#36 6’2” 2018 Ethan Helton of Eastern Guilford (Bloomfield, IN)
Helton came into camp with a great attitude throughout. He is very quick and showed to be a good team defender with great effort. Helton’s camp coach stated, “Ethan is a tough kid with good court vision. He plays hard and scores well going toward the rim. Ethan can shoot the 3-ball but is most comfortable driving toward the basket.”

#37 6’2” 2019 Cory Richards of Franklin Community (Franklin, IN)
Richards gave great effort and showed a great understanding of team play throughout camp. He showed the ability to finish in the middle game with good shooting mechanics and a quick release. Richards camp coach stated, “Cory has a very good mid-range, pull-up game. He does all the little things, talks, gets on the floor, etc…”

#55 6’’4” 2019 Jared Hankins of Lawrence North (Indianapolis, IN)
Hankins showed the potential to be a prolific scorer. He shot the ball very well at all 3-levels and was the entire camps’ second leading scorer at 22 points per game and making 10 threes throughout the 3 games. Hankins camp coach stated, “Jared is a good athlete, very quick in the open court. He is a good shooter off the bounce, in the mid-range and out to 3.”

#56 6’4” 2019 Justin Hensley of Cathedral HS (Indianapolis, IN)
Hensley carried a great attitude and took well to being coached in camp. He is a very fundamental player who moved well without the ball and rebounded his position well. Hensley’s camp coach stated, “Justin is a solid 3-point shooter off the pass. He is a smart player and makes a lot of the right basketball plays.”

#75 6’7” 2018 Jeffrey Reynolds of Greenwood Community (Greenwood, IN)
Reynolds came into camp with a great attitude and gave great effort throughout camp. Reynolds was very skilled offensively, showing the ability to make shots at 3 levels and play with both his back to the basket and face up from the perimeter. Reynolds also showed to be good rebounder. Reynolds camp coach stated, “Jeffrey is long and skilled. He handles the ball well for his size. Jeffrey is a sold set shooter from 3. He sees the floor well and has a very nice mid-range game off the pass and dribble.”

#76 6’8” 2020 Matthew Jones of Lafayette Jeff (Lafayette, IN)
Jones showed a great attitude and understanding of team play and concepts. Jones finished well at the rim and showed deep range with the ability to knock it down off the catch. Jones’ camp coach stated, “Matt is a big and strong young player with very soft touch from the 3-point line. With his size it is tough to body him.”

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