Player: Trace Westercamp
Class: 2026
Height: 6’9
School: Ponte Vedra HS (Florida)

Previous Season Stats: 6.6 points, 4.9 rebounds

In our latest 1-on-1, we head down to Florida for a blossoming big that has been garnering attention from programs around the state. 2026 6’9 Trace Westercamp has been seeing his stock rise as well as his recruitment, as he added another offer to his list lately from USF. The forward is a big with a nice soft touch and one that is fluid enough to run the floor, finishing well but also can space the floor. Westercamp now holds three offers but that could continue to increase as the summer goes along and with the upcoming season. Phenom Hoops was able to catch up with him to learn more about the latest, his development and game, and the latest in his recruitment.

Phenom: How was everything this past season for you and your team? And how has this summer gone for you overall?

Westercamp: This past season was a very good and productive one since we made it to the final four in Lakeland. Overall the summer has been going well since there’s no school, there is more time to work out and focus on basketball.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game and how you like to operate? Where do you flourish?

Westercamp: The best way to describe my game is an energizer because every game I bring energy and make big momentum plays that help the team. The way I like to operate is by having a 5-out scenario or being able to pick and pop and the things that I flourish in are shooting facilitating/passing and blocking shots.

Phenom: What areas of your game have you been working on to develop?

Westercamp: The areas of my game that I have been working on are dribbling, footwork in the post, and taking people to the rim, but a mixture of everything.

Phenom: What are your thoughts on your latest offer from USF? What did the staff have to say, who has been your main contact, and what all you know about them?

Westercamp: My thoughts on my last offer were that I was very excited because that is one of the schools I am interested in. The head coach called me and said that he liked my game and liked the way I played, my main contact from that school has been the head coach so far.

Phenom: What other offers do you have? And who has been strong with you from those?

Westercamp: I currently hold offers from Jacksonville, Stetson, and USF. The main people who have contacted me are Coach Fly, Coach Gruden, and Coach Rahim. With these coaches and programs, I’ve been able to make good connections and relationships with the coaches.

Phenom: What other schools have been showing interest that have yet to offer?

Westercamp: Schools that have reached out but have yet to offer are Yale, Rice, Pen, FGCU, Princeton, Appalachian State, Sam Houston, and Brown.


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