It takes some people more time to develop. As you can see a lot of times in big kids, their developmental curve can take a bit of time as their body, mind, and movements catch up to one another. Such has been the case for 6’9” 2017 Justyn Hamilton of Independence High School in Charlotte, North Carolina.

As a 6’5” freshman, Hamilton attended the Spring NC Phenom 150 camp. He showed some promise, but also showed that he was a gangly growing kid. We wrote, “Justyn showed a great attitude, work ethic and more importantly the ability to play as a team. He is just a freshman and still learning the game. He is more advanced defensively at the current time and will need to spend time in the off-season working on his shooting mechanics and shot selection. Justyn has the athletic ability and size to be a collegiate prospect. He just needs game experience and maturity, which will come with time.”

Fast forward for two years, during the summer before his Junior year. It is apparent that Hamilton is rapidly growing, both in stature and his game. During multiple Phenom events this summer Hamilton showed out. After our Grassroots Tip Off Classic, we wrote, “Someone who epitomizes intrigue is 6’9” 2017 Justyn Hamilton, who goes to Independence High School (Charlotte, NC) and plays summer ball with the Under Armour Elite Predators. Hamilton, the doctors say that Hamilton is still going, which wouldn’t be a shock due to his length (7’5” wing span) and shoe size. However, Hamilton is not there right now. Hamilton is very coordinated for his age and height. He runs very well, has solid lift, and great timing/hand eye coordination. When playing in our April 10-12 Phenom Hoops Challenge, Hamilton showed that he diversified his offensive game. He was consistently able to knock down shots from the high post, and attack the basket from that same area. In fact, during the Phenom Hoops Challenge, Hamilton averaged 17 points and 11 boards to go along with his 4 blocks per game. That is a double-double, he is coming along nicely.”

This weekend Hamilton picked up his first offer, from the University of North Florida. This should be the first offer of many but the situation isn’t lost on Hamilton, “It’s my first offer, I think it means that all the hard work is starting to pay off. I still haven’t made it so I have to keep working on improving my game.” Hamilton says that he is in the gym continuing working on his game, “Right now I am working on my ball handling so that I could be that combo big man that will take you inside or on the perimeter. I don’t want my game to be so one-sided. Over the last year, my biggest improvement has been in my confidence on the court.”

After his showing at Phenom Hoops events this summer, Hamilton has picked up a lot of college interest to go along with his North Florida offer,“USC Upstate, Northwestern, Binghampton, and University Illinois Chicago each stay in contact with me.”

As a sophomore at Independence High School Hamilton averaged 2.2 blocks and 1.2 steals per game. Throughout the four Phenom Hoops events this summer, Hamilton averaged 3.8 blocks and 1.4 steals per game. Hamilton is aware of his strong suits, “I think by best attribute is my ability (and timing) on the defensive end of the floor.”

“My favorite player is Lamarcus Aldridge, I want my game to end up like his. I really like how hard it is to stop him from scoring because he can do so many things.”

As has been harped on, Hamilton’s ceiling is sky high. He reminds some of a mix between Hassan Whiteside (Miami Heat) and Brandon Ingram (Duke University) at the same stage in their development. Hamilton has a 7’5” wing span. He has great coordination and he glides as he runs the court. He continues to get taller and he already possesses a skill set where he can handle and shoot from the high post.

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