We first saw Juwan Gary over a year ago at the NC Junior Phenom Camp. Already sporting a regional reputation, we were eager to watch him play. Our first thoughts dovetailed with the hype and Juwan eagerly carried the banner extremely well. We wrote, “Juwan is a big swingman with unlimited potential. He can really rebound and push the ball in transition. He is a threat to make an impact easily throughout his last year of middle school ball. Juwan always accepts a tough challenge especially on defense. Without question, he has a business approach to the game.”

After a strong spring and summer outing with Team United 2019 team, his name started to resonate with college coaches. Although just a rising freshman, Juwan is now getting the attention of scouts and high major coaches. During our Phenom Hoop events, we wrote “Juwan is a versatile guard with an absolute absurd amount of potential. He’s ferociously athletic and possesses a high basketballIQ way beyond any player we have seen at his age level. Juwan is smart, explosive and freakishly talented on both sides of the ball. Offensively, his game was simply unmatched.”

At the prestigious CP3 Live event which featured the top players in the 2019 class, Juwan once again showcased his explosiveness and athleticism. Without question, Juwan has to be in consideration as one of the top five most explosive players in the country for his grade. We were impressed with his aggressiveness on the defensive side of the ball while his size and length can create havoc for opposing offensive players. That being said, Juwan still doesn’t realize how good he can really be “down the road.” He’s a humble young man that simply enjoys playing hoops. We particularly like his court demeanor and rarely allows anything to get him off his game. Currently, Juwan is more of a scorer and if he continues to work on his shooting fundamentals and technique, his game can elevate to another level.

Off the court, we were more impressed with his politeness and manners. In speaking with Juwan, everything is answered with a “yes/no sir” response and if you give him a compliment he is certain to tell you “thank you.” For a long time, the state of South Carolina has taken a backseat to it’s northern neighbor, but the talent level per capita in the state is really growing and fully expect Juwan Gary to be in the national conversation as one of the best in his class for some time to come. For the young and humble young man, he isn’t afraid of hard work and without question his growing reputation is one you will hear about for the next four years.

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