Fayetteville is a Hot Bed for Talent
By Jamie Shaw

College coaches will fly (or drive) in from around the country and spend their days in certain pockets of North Carolina. Almost everyone goes to Charlotte, many go to Greensboro and some to Raleigh. Daily we, at Phenom Hoops, field phone calls from these coaches who are asking about players they need to see and open gym times of schools in that area.

We are now here to say, that Fayetteville, North Carolina needs to be firmly placed on this list. Multiple High and Mid-Major type players in the each of the 2018 and 2019 classes, players who can help coaches and programs across the country win their leagues.

Let’s take a look at the players we have been recommending to these coaches…

6’9” 2018 Milos Stajcic
(Freedom Christian)

Stajcic is just off the plane from Serbia where he played in Belgrade with the Red Star top team. Stajcic is a high level prospect who has all the tools. A face up four man right now, he can take his man off the bounce or shoot the ball with deep range. He plays with a non-stop motor and his passing may be his best attribute. Only in the US for 3 weeks, he has 5 D1 offers. The more who come in to see him, the more they will like him. He is a likely High Major prospect.

6’3” 2018 Junub Chuol, 6’11” 2019 Fiifi Quansah and 6’7” 2019 Khuath Gatkouth
(Village Christian)

While all three players are guys coaches need to see, this will start off with Chuol as he is in a league of his own. Chuol played last year at Blair Academy in New Jersey and then for the New York Lightning on the EYBL this summer. On the EYBL the jet-quick and highly explosive Chuol averaged 10 points on 54% shooting from the field. The likes of Wyoming, UMass and others are following Chuol’s every move. He is a sure fire high major player and probable Top 100 type. As HMs figure out that he is in Fayetteville they should be all over him.

Quansah is a long and athletic 6’11” post player. He runs the floor like a guard and seems to block or deflect everything in the lane. Quansah has the beginnings of a post presence, and once he gets his hands on the ball he is going up to dunk it, viciously. Quansah has taken a massive leap from this time last year to now. As he spends his off season working out with David West, look for a similar jump from now to this time next year.

Gatkouth is a 6’7” wing who just moved in from Omaha, Nebraska. Gatkouth has all the tools you want in a wing. He has great length and nice ball skills from the wing. He shoots the ball at a high clip and is a crafty and athletic finisher at the rim. Campbell was one of the few schools in to see him, they offered on the spot. Mid to Mid Plus coaches who come in will love this one.

6’1” 2018 Malik Johnson
(Terry Sanford)

Johnson is back for his senior year and he is possibly one of the top winners in the state of North Carolina right now. Johnson won a state title as a freshman, made it to the state finals as a sophomore and was injured and out for a lot of his junior year. Johnson is a tough minded, tough bodied lead guard. He can stroke it with deep range and consistency, he touches the paint at will with great pace and he defends for 94’. Rhode Island and VCU have offered, more at that level or higher should be involved.

6’8” 2019 Joey Baker, 6’8” 2019 Greg Gantt and 6’6” 2019 Audiese Toney
(Trinity Christian)

What a trio of high major wings. We will start here with Baker who is a 5-star, Top 25 type prospect across the board. Baker recently picked up a Duke offer, as well as countless offers from the top programs across the country. He is a long and explosive wing who shoots it at a high level and has a big basketball IQ. Coaches know him, but as expected he is the name that will get the coaches in the gym.

Gantt is a Top 150 type prospect. His wing handle has really expanded, along with the consistency of his jump shot. He rebounds well and can really pass the ball out of the high post area. Already carrying offers from the likes of South Carolina, Providence, Depaul, East Carolina and others.

Toney is an under the radar wing who is a Top 100 type prospect. He already possesses a college ready frame and the lefties feel for the game is off the charts. Defensively he is a juggernaut with the ability to lock up multiple positions. He is a very good rebounder, especially on the offensive end and handles the ball well in the half court. His court vision, passing ability, may be his best attribute. High major coaches will want to get in front of him early and often.

6’ 2019 John Michael Wright
(Northwood Temple)

Wright is a jet-quick point guard who has become a high wire act in the lane. He gets where he wants off the bounce and is really developing his middle game. Wright has transferred to Northwood Temple where he is working with Corey Baker. Wright already claims a Marshall offer, more at that level and higher should be coming, he has the tools.

6’9″ 2019 Emmanuel Izunabor
(Fayetteville Academy)

Izunabor’s skill set is on a steep incline. He has always been long and athletic, but he is adding a nice offensive repertoire to his arsenal. Izunabor is a very good rim and paint protector. He is strong with great timing and good activity around the basket. Offensively, Izunabor can knock down the 18 footer with consistency and tries to dunk everything around the basket.


Others Regional D1s Need to See

6’2” 2019 Travion McCray
(Village Christian)

Offers: Longwood, Stetson, SC State…Tough minded guard who can score at all 3 levels & handle the ball.

6’7” 2018 Silas Love and 5’11” 2018 Dakari Johnson
(Hoke County)

Love had an unbelievable July. Long & athletic 4 man, who has a skill set and rebounds very well.
Johnson is a sweet shooting guard. 3-level scorer who is able to get his off the bounce or the catch.

6’4” 2020 Trevon Jackson and 6’9” 2019 Brandon Franklin
(Northwood Temple)

Jackson is a tough wing who loves the dirty work & playing high above the rim. Makes winning plays.
Franklin was 6’5” at this time last year. Still has the wing skills & deep range. Big upside.

6’4” 2019 Brandon Murray and 6’5” 2019 Jamahri Harvey
(Freedom Christian)

Murray is a high scoring wing. Long, athletic and has deep/confident range. Will have some huge scoring outputs
Harvey is a play maker, always around the ball. Carries SC State & Hampton offers. More will come.

6’8” 2018 Jalen Thorne

Thorne is a sneaky athletic, big body who has all the tools. He is finally healthy and ready for a huge senior year.

6’4” 2019 Xzavier Howard

Howard is a big framed guard. He shoots with range, handles in the half court and finishes at the rim.

6’3” 2019 Talton Jones and 5’10” 2019 KJ Marshall
(Trinity Christian)

Jones has the ball on a string & eyes in the back of his head. Offer from Western Carolina
Marshall gets where he wants off the bounce and has deep deep range from beyond the arc.

6’6″ 2019 Williams Onyeobi
(Fayetteville Academy)

Unreal motor. Lock down, multi-positional defender. Strong, great athlete.

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