It’s funny how much a change of scenery can change everything for some people. Last season 6’8” Stefan Borovac played his senior season for Orchard Park High School in Stoney Brook, Ontario (which is about 50 miles from Buffalo, NY).

Fast forward a year to Chatham, Virginia and a post grad year at Hargrave Military, and you find a different player with a different swagger. Borovac’s family grew up in Serbia, and was a first generation Canadian. He also graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA.

When looking at Borovac you see a kid who stands a legitimate 6’8”, and I wouldn’t call you crazy if you said he was 6’9”. He has a long and slender frame with a noticeable 7’2” wing span. Although carrying a slight frame, Borovac is very athletic, showing in his ability to dunk the ball after putting it through his legs in the air.

Out of high school, Borovac’s lone offer was from UMass-Lowell (who has extended to his post grad year). Still his lone offer, Borovac has picked up interest from Binghampton, Cornell, and Lafayette.

Skill wise, Borovac describes himself as “typical European”. He has a very high IQ, passes the ball extremely well and taking great pride in his movement off the ball. Once the ball is in his hands he can handle it with no issue in the half court, or make the shot with consistency out to 22 feet.

As for comparisons, Hargrave Head Coach says that Borovac reminds him of Joe Alexander when he first came to Hargrave. Of course, Alexander went on to become the number seven pick in the NBA draft. We say that he reminds us of a more explosive Robbie Hummel, who went on to become a 2nd round draft pick.

Regardless of comparison, expect a lot of love to come Borovac’s way. There is so much to like about his future.

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