By: DeAjai Dawkins

6’7 2022 Marcus Kell (Upward Stars 3SSB 17U/Legion Collegiate Academy)

Marcus has a beautiful jump shot, one of the best shot forms I’ve seen today. His mechanics are consistent and he must be focused on at all times. Kell could serve as a spot-up shooting option for a variety of college programs. He’s likely due for a very promising season at Legion.

2022 6’4 Takai and Tajuan (Garner Road 2022/Liberty Heights)

What can be said about the Simpkins twins that haven’t already been said. They get to the rim exceptionally well. The off-guards have noticeable length and are still beginning to fill out their frames. I believe that college coaches will begin seeing the value that these two bring on both ends of the floor.

6’8 2022 Julian Phillips (Upward Stars 3SSB 17U/Blythewood)

The only player in this event I can say this about; Julian has the rare blend of size, length, athleticism, scoring prowess, & defensive potential that very well may have scouts at the highest level taking notice in the coming years. A nationally regarded talent, Phillips should look to assert himself more, as his combination of skills makes him one of, if not the most potentially dominant force in this event, 

2022 6’8 Nate Brafford and 2024 6’10 Devin Brafford (Team Swish/Rabun Gap)

The Brafford Brothers are the most intriguing pair I’ve seen today. Both players offer incredibly promising shooting prowess for their size. Nate is one of the best scorers in this tournament, coming into this weekend after a 30 ppg showing in the previous event. He already holds a collection of Division One offers, and will likely add to that list with a dominant senior season. Devin is the most intriguing prospect I’ve seen today, period. A 6’10 forward that is comfortable both handling and shooting the ball, even bringing the ball up the floor at times. 

6’3 2022 Tyson Bombick (NLPB 803/Legion Collegiate Academy)

Tyson is a facilitative-minded combo guard with excellent conditioning. Coming off of an injury the halted his junior season, Bombick’s recovery is evident in how in shape he is in his first weekend back. His physique is indicative of a high level of dedication to the game off the floor. High-IQ, tough kid with a true defensive presence. Has the body composition and maturity to serve at the next level.

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