This past weekend, Phenom Hoop Report hosted their first annual CP3 Live Tournament in Winston-Salem, North Carolina at two different venues in front of a plethora of coaches and scouts from all levels. After watching the variety of talent compete, we decided to put together an “All-Tournament Team” based on the performances we evaluated throughout the course of the weekend. If you aren’t familiar with some of these kids, we suggest you pay close attention in the coming weeks.


PLAYER: Justin Phillips

HIGH SCHOOL: George Washington (Charleston, WV)

AAU PROGRAM: West Virginia Wildcats 16U

CLASS: 2018


Justin Phillips put on for the 304 this weekend. Going into the event, we knew this young PG could compete, but we didn’t know he would leave us absolutely blown off our feet. In the WV Wildcats first round matchup against BWSL, Phillips dropped a smooth 31 points and kept his team in close contention for the majority of the contest. He was lights out from all angles around the court and did a sensational job forcing turnovers on the defensive end. Phillips is an electric player in all aspects of his game. He’s the type of player coaches love having on their roster. He doesn’t complain about minutes or stats, and doesn’t exactly blow you away with freakish athleticism, but he’s smart, dedicated, and willing to give it his all every time he steps foot on the hardwood. Playing up in a division may be a struggle for some, but this kid thrived against the older competition. Keep an eye out for Jud in Greensboro this weekend at Summer Havoc. He’s definitely a player you don’t want to miss.


PLAYER: Jalen Williams

HIGH SCHOOL: Pinewood Prep (Summerville, SC)

AAU PROGRAM: Southern Stampede

CLASS: 2019


Jalen Williams definitely left some coaches and scouts impressed after the phenomenal performance he put on in the Twin City this past weekend. Going into CP3 Live, we weren’t exactly familiar with Williams. We were aware that Southern Stampede would be a team that would compete, but little did we know they had a future star on their roster. Williams was fantastic right from the start. He was versatile, had insane handles, and a beautiful shot to top it all off. Defensively, he was lock down. Steal after steal, TO after TO, no one seemed to have an answer. After watching this young gun put on a godly performance in round one, we were informed by his coach he was class of 2019 and the #1 ranked player in the state of South Carolina. How could someone possess that much skill at such a young age' It was mind blowing to say the least. Coaches in need of a future star at the PG position need to keep a close eye on this kid down the road. You wont be disappointed.


PLAYER: Lavar Batts



CLASS: 2017


Lavar Batts could be my pick for tournament MVP after the showing he put on in Winston-Salem this past weekend. After watching CP3 2017 compete in a higher division and watching Batts closely, it was easy to assume that this kid will be a high major player down the line when senior year rolls around. Batts is a freak whenever he gets the ball in his hands. His shifty handles and unordinary jump shot make him a player that opposing PG’s fear to go up against. He works hard, has incredible athleticism and an absurd amount of potential. One thing we loved was his ability to take control of the game at any moment. He was a team leader that knew what it took to get the job done. If he improve his jumper a bit and add a little meat on his bones, his possibilities are endless. The future is bright for JM Robinson coach Lavar Batts Sr. (Lavar’s dad) and company. Look for this kid to blow up this coming year.


PLAYER: Quentin Jackson Jr.

HIGH SCHOOL: Carlisle (Martinsville, VA)


CLASS: 2016


Quentin Jackson Jr. was one of the most highly recruited players at CP3 Live this past weekend. Going into the event, the Carlisle Chief held 26 D1 offers from a variety of high major schools, so it was easy to see whom everyone would be paying close attention to. Right from the start, he made it apparent how talented he actually was. Bucket after bucket, dish after dish, QJJ was an absolute workhorse. He created endless amounts of plays for his squad and genuinely made the players around him better. Jackson wasn’t selfish by any means and didn’t possess that “wow” factor, but he definitely showed us he has what it takes to compete at the next level. He’s a very smooth player. Jackson has incredible court vision and that high basketball IQ that separates him from the opposing competition. If he can continue to perform like he did this past weekend, expect that offer count to gradually rise. My man is a stud people!


PLAYER: Daxton Bostian

HIGH SCHOOL: Patton (Morganton, NC)

AAU PROGRAM: Team Vision

CLASS: 2016


Daxton Bostian might have been the most pure 3-point shooter that we have seen so far over the course of the summer. When we say my man didn’t miss, we mean he actually didn’t miss. Three after three, Bostian always found a way to get a shot off. Despite being double-teamed throughout the course of several games, this kid always found a way to knock down anything he put up. His handles were just as impressive. Bostian consistently dished assists to his bigs deep in the post, played superb defense no matter the competition, and worked his tail off for his squad. Whenever things got hectic and Team Vision needed a big time play, this Patton High School rising senior was there to deliver. If he can work on a few minor aspects of his game, he’ll be a force in North Carolina 3A this coming season. Look out for this stud people.


Bruno Solomun – SEBL 17U

Chase Johnson – WV Wildcats 16U

Jalen Wall – NC Court Kings

Jared Latrell – VA All-Star Hawks

Jaylen Fornes – SEBL 17U

Jo’vontae Millner – Brand X

Logan Vosburg – Team Vision

Thank God Msughter – Fayetteville Elite

Will Dillard – CP3 2018

Zavian Jackson – Brand X

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