Antonio Threadgill was sitting courtside and had a few names of his own that attracted his attention

Christopher Jackson 5’9 Sharp Shooters Elite – Quickest player on the floor; is a great ball handler that consistently gets in to the paint a will. He has a great hesitation dribble that frozen defenders and allows him to blow by them for easy buckets.

Alon Parker 5’9 Sharp Shooters Elite – This kids just knows how to make timely shots. He kept making timely shots to keep his team in the game. Plays well in the pick. Made hid defender pay for going under the screens pulling up for open threes. When defender went over the screens he was able to put the ball on the floor and get in to lane and shoot the floater. Hit 4 three pointers against the Mid State Magic.

Victor Tshiona 6’7 Sharp Shooters Elite – Very physical player that does an excellent job rebounding outside of his position. When he grabs an offensive rebound not many can stop him from put the ball in the bucket. He is also a great passer; outlets the ball he keeps his head up and can pass the ball down the court to open players for easy scores.

Trey Cousins 6’0 Mid State Magic Sports – Combo guard that has a high IQ and makes every one of the floor better. He is at his best when he is playing from the triple treat position squaring up on his defender. Cousins takes good shots keeping defenders honest. He can shoot the ball from deep and also blow by defenders that try to guard him tightly. He uses nifty passes to get his teammates timely shots.

Jamal Walden 6’2 Mid State Magic Sports – Kid is so good at penetrating and getting to the basket to give his teammates open looks. Walden is a nice change of pace guard for his team. He has a nose winning 50/50 balls and getting his team extra possessions. His go to move is a floater shot that he banks of the backboard and finishes consistently.

Michael Cody 6’8 Flight 22 – Has great size to be a post player; Cody is very fundamentally skilled. He can finish with either hand in the paint. When he gets the ball in the paint and squares up his should he is very tough to defend because of his strength and ability to finish through contact. His game is not just limited to the paint he is able to scree and pick and pop with range that extends out to the three-point line.

Cole Meadows 6’5 U17 Spectrum Ron Clary Elite solid kid that plays hard gets to the rim at will for creative finishes. When he shoots he knows exactly where his misses are going and is able to rebound his own shot. Knocks down the three ball when he’s open. He such a good communicator on and off the floor. When on the floor he makes sure that his teammates are in the right place. When off the floor he encourages and cheers on his teammates.

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