Part 4 of Coach Thread’s standouts from the Stay Positive

Jalen Snipes U17 NC Spartans 6’3 – If I could bottle up the energy that Snipes brings to the game and sell it I would be the next millionaire. He brings so much energy to the game. At this point in his game he is a undersized Power Forward that rebounds the ball at a high rate because of his athleticism. The defensives side of the ball is where he excels because he is very good with locking down smaller players. He very fundamentally sound boxes out every play, rebounds and outlets the ball down the floor. You will never see Snipes taking a play off.

Landon Sutton U16 NC Gators 5’11– This kids game is rapidly getting better and college coaches need to take stock. He had 24 points in the game today hitting 6 three-pointers. Sutton can break down defenders with his nifty ball handling. He uses an in out move combination with a crossover to get his defenders back pedaling while he goes around them and finishes with either hand. The next phase of his game is learning how to play with pace and controlling a game.

Dez Woods U16 NC Gators 6’2 – Woods is another play mid-major D1 schools need to start buying stock in. He is rapidly becoming one of the top players in North Carolina. Bless with great body he is so hard to stop once he put his head down and goes to the basket. His drives usually finishes with an and one or a dunk over his defender. Wood is sneaky athletic and he should have a break out year this year in high school. At this point in his game he is still learning how to use God giving talents. He needs to work on using his right hand as teams learn that he likes to go to left a lot.

Christian Martin U16 NC Gators 6’3 – Martin is a super athletic player that’s very skilled around the basket and can use either hand to score. He can also step out beyond the three-point line and knock down open threes to stretch floor. You can tell that Martin has been working on his game as he is starting to put the ball on floor to get to the rack. He will need to add that and a mid-range to boost his stock.

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