There is a new name on the block in South Carolina, and it seemingly came just in time. Right as the states number 1 2017 player (Devontae Shuler) transferred out of the state to Oak Hill Academy, in Virginia, Claxton began to come into his own.

Now Claxton is rated as the number two player in the state, and will be a consensus top 100 player after the national scouts see him at the Phenom National Showcase. While his rise to stardom has seemingly come out of nowhere, Claxton has gradually been building up his skill set to this point and there is even more to come.

Claxton’s father Charles played at the University of Georgia and was a 1994 2nd round NBA draft pick for the Phoenix Suns. That 1994 was the same draft that had Glenn Robinson, Jason Kidd, Grant Hill, Donyell Marshall, and Juwan Howard. His father, from the Virgin Islands, is 7’1”. Similarly slender to Nick, he graduated high school at 200 pounds, sprouting up to 240 after his freshman year in college.

After first watching Claxton at our Phenom Summer Havoc last year we wrote, “Claxton is a long lefty, and at 6’7” is still growing. While he still needs strength and consistency, he has great touch and the ability to push the break with great pace”

Claxton is just that, a very skilled forward who is not in fact pushing 6’10”. His wing span is 7’3”, and the lefties touch is confidently well beyond the arc. However, his best attribute may be his vision and ability to see the play ahead of him. Since the live period started Claxton has picked up offers from Southern Cal, Murray State, and Temple. He has also had the likes of Georgetown, South Carolina, Tennessee, Baylor, NC State, Clemson, and more come through to see him.

We heard a high major coach watching compare him to Kevin Durant, we at Phenom Hoops compared him to a thinner version of Greg Monroe, Legacy Charter assistant coach James Simpkins compares him to a mix between Demarr Johnson and Lamar Odom.

Make sure you make it out to the Phenom National Showcase on November 13 and 14 at Forsyth Country Day School in Lewisville, NC.

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