Need To Know – Christiaan Jones

The 6’3 2017 combo guard from South Carolina was able to draw plenty of attention this past weekend at the David Rose Memorial Classic. Jones has a knack for scoring the basketball in a multitude of ways.

He uses his length and athleticism to score the ball in transition. In the half-court he has a keen basketball IQ that allows him to play at his own pace and tempo. What separates Jones is the notion that he isn’t just a scorer, but can be an effective distributor. His willingness to get his teammates involved sets up his offensive arsenal.

This dynamic passing ability gives Jones the opportunity to keep defenses guessing. In conversation with Jones, it’s easy to see he’s about winning first and foremost. “If I’m unable to score it, I like setting up my teammates, anything needed to win the game I’m willing to do”.

For Jones to make the next step on the court he needs to develop a second speed with the ball and continue to groom his perimeter jump shot. When asked what he would add to his game this summer, Jones stated, “Want to get stronger, faster, and get into better all around shape”. If he’s able to add some of this in his game this coming summer, Jones will put himself and the Carolina Wolves 16U in a great position to make some noise.

The Carolina Wolves will be attending “Phenom Champions Showcase” on July 10-12.

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